Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Huh, who knew I was so important? It is a good feeling though!
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Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Bridge

Gypsy Mama talked about how she went from a commute and a job that was merely drudgery to her everyday walk of encouragement.
She does it so well!  I enjoy seeing her email to me and I'm not faithful about it but I LOVE five minute Fridays.  She spoke that sharing her heart via her Gypsy Mama blog has been amazing.
I see God working through her daily, loving on all of us.  And for me that is precious.
FnF is my bridge to capture the random moments in life where God is leading me.  Something to look back on when I need the reminder that shows me just how beautiful my life really is.  These faithsteps along the path I'm on that walking, learning, growing, leading and following.  The footprints that show where I've been and to remind me of all the beautiful places I've seen, dances I've taken and times I've stumbled but regained my footing.
I love my time I spend here reflecting on how great our God is.  Seeing the dreary and glamorous days just as they are.  Seeing that highs are nothing without the lows.  Realizing that the sunshine is so much brighter and warm thanx to the times of cool darkness.  I used to feel alone and now I know that I'm never alone, my Daddy is always there to converse with and love on.  I know that when I feel like a stellar failure as a parent that it will last for just a moment and be yet another lesson for growing on.  In my heart I also know that when I have a floppy disaster day in wife mode that he'll come home anyway and we will wade through the muck that life sometimes is and step out the other side because we're here for better and for worse.
Lessons learned is a life well lived.  A life well lived is about setting forth and learning new things every day.  Gaining wisdom, growing and changing each day because that is the only way to live.
God gives us each day as a gift, make the most of it!  Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, it's all worth doing as well as you can and in a way that honors your Father.  Remember Gitz too and CHOOSE JOY!
Thanx Gypsy Mama, it felt great starting my day with this!