Friday, May 25, 2012

Takin' Five on Friday - Opportunity

It's been a while since I've done this, but I'm back because it's worth it!!

Love taking the time to capture these five minutes with Gypsy Mama and her "group" it's such a pleasure.


Opportunity, it means so much.

I find myself learning to reflect that each day is an opportunity to make it all that it can be.  I can choose joy (miss you Gitz!) or I can choose gloom.  I can see the beauty in a post jammies sandbox adventure or I can see the mess that in brings inside.
Opportunities are everywhere and each opportunity of living is more gifts within itself.  It's not just about a new job, experience or venture into the unknown, it's about living.

It's the chance to write unedited blabber from within because we can.  Because we're truly capturing what we're thinking.  It's the opportunity to be completely honestly real and know that we're accepted (and accepting) because of who we gather 'round this bonfire with.

It's a chance to be me.  In whatever form I let it take.  In whatever direction I go.  See the opportunities before me for what they are, God's blessings.


I just jump in on these five minute Fridays but I'm enjoying a reason to look up words in the dictionary.

Opportunity - a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something

Oh, yeah, that's SOOOOOO a God thing!!!

Deo Volente!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dive In

Yes, it's practically summer in Iowa and we've already had the slip 'n slide out. I however am not talking about diving into the pool, I'm talking about diving into the working from home world.
I have a very good, amazing single mom friend that has been talking about wanting to be home with and for her daughter.  Saying that punching a time clock just isn't what she really wants to do as a mom.  I have this amazing opportunity at my fingertips (have for a while) but have been too scared to do anything with it
Yes too scared.  Step out of my comfort zone?  Um, have you met me?  Introvert extraordinaire and completely aware of it!!  I constantly remind people I live under a rock and am content with that.  Living in my own little bubble and I know that when I'm needed the message will get to me, sometimes late, but it will get to me.  The only time I jumped out of my comfort zone (yes I usually crawl out) was signing on with BeautiControl.  Something I will never regret and will always be a part of.  That company and my BC friends (family) taught me so much about myself.  They taught me that it is okay to take care of me and to put my needs first.  I need to be happy and healthy, centered and loved in order to best love those around me.  I did SPAS and went to meetings, and will ALWAYS be active with my reorder customers and with Julie and the team around me.  Quietly active as my (our family) schedule doesn't leave much time for me to really work that business.  That is sad for me because I love taking care of other women, letting them know that it is okay to take care of themselves and in turn taking care of myself.
The great part is that BC opened me up for the opportunity I am ready to take advantage of.  I NEVER would have thought I could manage a Melaleuca business.  I wouldn't have seen the possibility in it.  I struggle to do SPAS because I want to be home at night with my crew, at their ball games, watching a movie with the hubby or whatever.  Adding a SPA to the schedule was always really hard for me.  Getting a sitter be it Dad, Grandma, whomever, was a juggling act that became a struggle.  Add to that juggling an inventory, managing a downline and if I had to take time off I felt like I was starting all over.
What I've realized I can do is work something that works with my schedule and fits my terms.  I can work my business during the day.  Listen to a conference call while silencing the phone so we can still play, sending email while cuddling a kiddo in my lap, helping a mom (or dad) provide a healthier home, so that it's a happier home, oh yeah, I can do that!!  I can contact people, work when it works for me and if I want to go on a field trip or we have a crazy busy month that I can't "work" very much, it's okay because I don't get behind and have to start all over.
What do I do?  I share an amazing opportunity of switching stores.  You don't have to go to the big box stores for all your cleaners, wasting time choosing the best one from 30 while knowing that they're poisonous or caustic chemicals you're bringing in the house and spending more than you should because of impulse buying displays.  I build friendships.  It's a customer base of wonderful people that shop their online store for safe cleaning products, amazing vitamins and great personal care items for taking care of themselves and their families.
The best part, switching stores is to each customer what they want it to be.  Say what?  Yup, if she simply wants to take care of her family by buying cleaners, shampoos, vitamins and laundry detergent each month then she can.  If he wants to share it with his brother, sister or neighbor and build a customer base then he can.  The possibilities are endless.
I love shopping in our little local stores.  The hardware store that has all those basic necessities and the helpful friendly faces.  The clothing shop that has unique finds and someone that will help me find the fit and color to best suit me.  The bookstore with books, gifts, comfy chairs and the smiling face that will order whatever it is they don't have.  Having my Melaleuca business is just like having that shop.  I get to help people, serve them and their families in their health and wellness needs.  The main difference is I don't have to lock and unlock doors for store hours.  I can work whenever it works for me, I can make a difference every day without worrying about the overhead.
Oh, I'm so excited about this.  Excited that my husband won't have to work a hundred hours a week (feels like it) and that he'll be able to be home with us when we want him here.  We'll be able to do things together as a family that we couldn't do without this income.  We can bless others and grow friendships and make memories.
I guess if you're gonna dream, dream big!!  I always knew God was taking care of us, I just find it amazing to see how these things come together.  LOVE that BIG PICTURE!!!

Deo Volente

PS - If you want to join me, to dive in and dream big, just email me!  What if you just wanna wade in and make a difference at home?  That works too!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Takin' Five on Friday - Real

On real, really, I LOVE this!!


I just had this conversation with a girlfriend tonight that I love the other moms that make me feel normal.  You know the normal I'm talking about.  The oh, yeah, I lost my cool this morning because the first thing the kids did post waking up was start fighting over (fill in your blank) and I was "not in the mood" and ripped into them growling, "this is NOT how we start our day!"
Oh yeah, that's the REAL I love, the real that reminds us we're all moms that reached the end of the rope occasionally and have to hug out an apology with the sweet son and dear daughter caught in the moment. Also remembering those happy husbands that we scowl and growl at because, yup, that's also what happens when we don't communicate EVERY DETAIL.  I remind myself that my husband is just another member of the so sad husband club, going to bed alone because, no, I'm just not in the mood or maybe I do have a headache.

Okay so it's now 12:00am

But I'm on the couch, in what feels like 80 degrees with a boy finally passed out on my lap, listening to DH snore away and what's sad is that I'm HERE typing away on the phone instead of sound asleep resting up for day three of three Tulip Time 2012.
Ah, so real.