Friday, November 9, 2012

Takin' Five on Friday - Quiet

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Jeepers, it's been a while.  The whole 30 days did not go well for me.  I got a few days done but life, to-do lists, being tired and, well, life got in the way.  Yup, life twice, I did that on purpose.

So happy to be here and the subject "Quiet" couldn't be more timely as far as I'm concerned.

Quiet, nope that doesn't always make me think of the noise level around me.  I have times it reminds me to quiet the pace at which I'm racing.  After a month of chaos while preparing for our annual bazaar fundraiser at school, I'm enjoying the quiet of a shorter to-do list.  The quiet of a pace that instead focuses on cleaning house, lunch, supper, laundry and homework.
These are the times to really appreciate the the quiet of God's calming presence.  In the midst of the storm there are always the moments when the seas quit raging and a deep breath of relief is taken.  My "God's Heart for You" perpetual calendar (Amen for Dayspring and Holley Gerth) has been a source of peace and quiet in these most recent days.
October 26 - A harsh word stings our spirits...God is there.  A bad day threatens to discourage us...God is there.  A disappointment knocks the wind out of our sails...God is there.  No situation or circumstance is too large or small for God.
October 29 - You with those tears in your eyes, that heaviness in your heart, that bad day hanging on your shoulder...  Will you let the arms of heaven hold you close? God whispers these words in your ear, "Oh yes, I know about loss.  I know it's hard to live in this world.  I understand."
When the world is raging around you, find the quiet in the one place it ALWAYS is waiting for you.  Your Father's waiting arms.
Sorry, I ran long finding and quoting the calendar.  Forgive me.

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