Friday, November 29, 2013

Say What?!?!

I have never done, nor dreamt I would do anything like this.
I am going to offer a Black Friday special all on my own of the Young Living Premium Starter Kit.
If you're tired of battling a health issue - allergies, eczema, weight, anxiety, depression, dry skin, sleep loss, snoring - seriously, whatever it is, let's deal with it and leave it in the past. I am passionate about finding natural ways to manage my family's health. I've been exploring this for over four years. Exploring and loving what I'm finding and learning. Let's do the same for you.
Just this morning my daughter woke up feeling "yucky" some peppermint oil on her belly and thieves to battle what was ailing her and she is "so much better, Mommy" already.
You deserve this, of this I am sure!

Go to my Join Me page and explore what this opportunity is all about.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Amish Peace

Okay, I totally signed up to help promote this new The One Year Book of Amish Peace devotional from Tricia Goyer and wow, am I so blessed to have done so!! This devotional is A-MA-ZING!!!
Seriously, take a quick peek!!
The day it finally came was like celebrating my birthday. A special gift, just for me, only me and truly what a thoughtful friend it came from. I opened it up, turned to the date's devotion, October 17 and it spoke like a spear to my heart. I have a friend walking a difficult road and I have no idea how to reach her. This day's devotion as well as many between then and today have given me insight into how to pray for and help her.
I love the quiet moments of my day when I'm reading and pondering what Tricia has written. The proverbs, the messages, the scriptures, it all comes together so well, God's truth and wisdom surely shines through in every page.
So, I shall simply say, go find yourself a copy today, if you're close by and want to do a study with me, give me a shout. There is nothing more profound than a devotional that truly speaks to you of God's Voice in the Simple Things.

These are things I enjoy sharing with my children, friends and family.
Find a way to slow down and enjoy the steps of your day instead of worrying about there being so many steps to go. Prepare for the upcoming holiday season by go about your days thanks-livingly instead of spending just one day in thanksgiving. This is truly the time of year to start the new habit of being the change you wish to see in the world.
No need to wait until January 1, 2014 to "start" something. Start it today. I have no guarantee for tomorrow much less a week, a month or more past today. Turn to Your Father and ask Him to guide you through, let Him lead you and hold your hand. Let Him shower your soul with the peace you'll feel in simplifying your life.
So, go to your local bookstore or jump over to Tricia's website ( and click on the link to get your own copy. I truly think you'll find it inspiring!


Saturday, October 5, 2013

When the Loneliness Overcomes You

There are times in this life when loneliness just overcomes me.  Surrounded by five kiddos on a daily basis "lonely" shouldn't be even on my radar, I think, but all the same it slaps me across the face some days. 2am this morning was one of those moments.  It's never a sudden realization, more like a couple of lonely months that lead up to a hard reality check.  I'm quite seriously not one of those people that "can't be alone" and constantly in contact with friends or family but there are moments that being alone in this world nearly drowns me.
The thing I laid in bed this morning pondering is why no one wants me.  Since day one as an "accident" I have always know I wasn't planned and wanted, just dealt with as a consequence of some teenage actions.  Throughout life when someone needs me I am good enough to talk to regularly but as soon as that needy time is over I am left in the dust like a worn out shoe.  I will honestly say that I'm not all that great at connecting with others.  I don't know when your use for me is going to be "over" and therefore don't know how to handle the friendship sometimes anyway. 
It's was a long summer for me.  A girlfriend of mine that has spent the past few years dreaming and planning for the man God had for her met a man.  Is he what I pictured her dreaming of?  Nope.  She has fallen head over heels for him and moved on to another phase of her life?  Yup.  One of which I am not a part of.  I watch from a distance, heart broken over a friendship lost and a mother and daughter on a path that I (through my non-rose colored glasses) looks rough and scary.  Is she happy there, I assume so because she is going, going, gone.
We have friends moving into their new post-fire home nearly 15 months after a fire destroyed everything they owned July 7, 2012.  I have watched from a distance and enjoyed getting to know their family in the last 15 months.  I plan to take some food over and help for as long as my schedule allows.  This brings me to the root of what broke my heart at 2am this morning.  I sent a text saying to expect us around mid-morning.  The response, 'Oh, I didn't know you were able to help!'  Now it shouldn't bother me but I only offered about six times and said I'd plan to be there.
So in my laying awake wondering what makes me so disposable and why the words I say fall on deaf ears it dawned on me that it's okay.  I'm not alone as my Father is always with me.  It's a time for me to focus on my family, myself and my dreams.  I'm just not the kind to have a "bestie" and honestly that's just not my style.  So while I haven't posted like this in a long time, apparently it was overdue and on the off chance in your loneliness you stumble across this, know that you're not "alone" right now, you're just doing your own thing.  Several hours later I'm still sad and heavy of heart at this moment but yet I'm feeling better.  I like me, I like doing my own thing, I'm not a shopper, a girly-girl, a gossiper, a drinker, a work-outer or a bestie.  I am me, redneck woman, mom to five, essential oil/going natural mama, rescuer, helper, prayer, reader, blogger, blessing counter, cheerleader, dreamer, wanderer, God lover, I am me.
Who are you?  Be content in that.  It is good enough.  God will be your best friend, there's noone better than Him for the job anyway.  If you need another friend, well, I'm in Iowa, but I'm willing to be there in whatever way you need me, it's who I am.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Beat the Infection!

Earlier this summer my 4yo was complaining that his foot hurt. I looked at it and inspected for splinters and what not (we're barefoot and fancy free around here) but didn't see or feel anything.
A couple mornings later he really complained again and this is what I found.  Of course it was a Friday morning and all that was available for doctor appointments was a trip to urgent care. No thanks! So I grabbed my Young Living essential oils and made a hour plan to watch it for the next 24 hours. You can see the yellow-ish puss pocket with the red ring around it. That area was so swollen it filled the palm of my hand. It was sore, sore, sore, of course and raging with heat. I still saw no "opening" where anything got in his foot so still had no idea what it was.
I rubbed tea tree oil, thieves oil and lemon oil onto it (gently) and covered it with some bandages. I repeated that four more times throughout the day.  By the evening it was less swollen and the heat was dropping away.  By the next morning it was nearly gone.  Seriously, there was a little "knot" that was very obviously the core of the issue but the redness was gone, the yellow had faded, the swelling was nearly gone and no more heat coming off of it either.
I kept up with the treatments throughout the weekend to just make sure that everything was gone and whatever it was, we healed it.  Mind you I really did consider taking him in to urgent care.  I knew they'd give me antibiotics and send him home to which I'd BATTLE getting them in him for the next ten days.  This seemed the far less traumatizing option and I'm SO happy that it worked.  Mind you I have been treating minor wounds like this for years and had complete faith that it would help but was ready to put five kids in the car and head to town at the hint that it wasn't helping.
I share this story so that you know there are options, great options at taking care of your family and keeping them healthy.  Explore what that means for you.  For us one of the tools is these Young Living Essential Oils.


Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lavender YLEO - First Aid in a Bottle

I have five kids, I need easy and amazing first aid. I know how long an injury must be to qualify for stitches, I know that we prefer stitches over staples and I will NEVER allow my children staples again. I also know that the amazing natural first aid options I've found are much better than the ones I used to use. My first aid kit contains Young Living Essential Oils - lavender, tea tree, peppermint, single oils as well as peace and calming and valor blends.
Anyway, here's the story of how I handle injuries these days. I started using Young Living Essential Oils in March. They have become the "first aid kit" I take EVERYWHERE. My youngest had a bloody nose back in April. He wouldn't let me touch it so it dripped for the better part of eight hours. Finally at bedtime I convinced him to let me swab his nose with a lavendered q-tip. Instantly the bleeding was done and what a blessing that was! In July we decided to grab the tubes and go float down the river. Right at the end (as we are out of the water and ready to head home) I lost my balance and dive back into the river to save myself major injury. When I got home I had this huge red mark across my leg from landing on a chunk of cement that was hiding in the water. I lathered these marks (that hurt horribly) with lavender and knew that I would heal fast.
 This second picture is of the same leg mark as the first picture six days after the incident and lavender application. This last picture is of the mark that I didn't get lavender on also six days post injury. What a crazy difference that lavender essential oil makes, huh?!?!

Even today I put lavender to work. My husband plays slow pitch softball in a local church league. Today was the season final/tournament. One of our team members hit her head on the bat bracket in the dugout. Not hard mind you but we all know how bad head wounds bleed. By the time she realized what she did she had blood every where. I grabbed my lavender and applied a could drops and it instantly stopped bleeding. Even watching it with my own eyes I was amazed. Then when we got home I made a coconut/lavender oils mix to put on DH's heat rash.
I am completely serious when I say this YLEO, lavender is the thing to have. We use it for allergies, burns, sunburn, deodorant, sleeping - EVERYTHING. I don't think a day goes by that I don't use it for something or another.

Young Living and their essential oils are rocking this family's world!!
Deo Volente

Monday, July 22, 2013

Taking A New Direction

Joining up with some "friends" over at and jumping in to join the seven posts in seven days challenge.
Yeah, this could be interesting.  Regular blogging?  Yeah, sadly, not around here.
Anyway, so today's post is about taking off in a new direction.  The direction of more natural living.  I've blogged about how I stumbled onto my current cleaning/personal care/vitamin company.  Having enjoyed that now for 2-1/2 years I am leaping into the world of homeopathy and essential oils.  I really know very little at this point but I am LOVING what I have learned.
Just yesterday morning I work up with a raging sinus infection.  In the past I would have  waited 3-4 days (as required by a doc) before calling about an appointment and attempting to get antibiotics.  Instead I took some Hyland's Cough and Cold liquid (which didn't make me puke) and lathered up with peppermint and Thieves blend essential oils.  I got in with my (AMAZING) chiropractor and happily say that the sinus infection is definitely clearing out.  Before this I would have spent three or four days miserable, got antibiotics and then been miserable with yeast infection after that.  (I know, I know - TMI!)
So happy to be taking this direction of more natural living.  It's a process, let me admit it.  Though I will NEVER go back, NEVER.  More testimonies as the week goes on.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Time Flies...

When we're too busy to pay attention.
That truly is how I feel most days.  It's choice though, well for me.  I choose to sleep until 7:00 and then I have to hit the floor running.  I keep running all day.  Loads of laundry everywhere, meal planning, dishes piled, floors that need swept or vacuumed.  UGH, the to-do list is just too much.  The garden quickly turned back into a grass patch and we finally just mowed it off.  Keeping up with the things children have going on is just interesting and I really only have one that is old enough to be actively involved in multiple things.
I really need to better prioritize my days.  I need to find time to better focus on where God is directing me.  To listen to His voice and feel His calming love surround me.  I'm sad because I'm worried about a friend and have no idea how to talk to her about it.  I'm praying repeatedly to just take the worries upon my heart and let Him handle them but I still worry.  It's human.  I know He has great plans and that everything will work out exactly as it should but again, I'm a weak human that gets lost in my own thoughts.
Oh how good it feels to be here.  Threadbare and worn out, that's for sure.  Though I wouldn't want it any other way, of this I am sure.  Off to lather myself with some Joy essential oil and set into motion.
God is good, so very good, of this I am sure.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lost in Time

Or something like that.
April and May are the months of chaos for me.  April hits and baseball begins, school activities kick into high gear and then May comes in, smacking me up side the head with it's own brand of busy.
I fall off the blogging grid and long to capture a few moments to ground myself in spewing words and creative expression.  2013 has been no different and now that May 28 is here, school is out and I'm able to breathe again.  This May has been like no other I recall.  Something like 5 inches of snow on the 3rd, burying Tulip Time buds and festivities in quite the blanket of white and canceling two of three days worth of activities.  Absolutely crazy.  Now we're recovering from (and facing) an amazing amount of rain.  It's shaping up to rain every day for ten days straight, we're on day six.  Campgrounds flooded and rivers and creeks out of banks that haven't been crested in decades.  God is showing us some amazing things and teaching some of us to be thankful and blessed no matter the circumstance.  It is in these moments of crisis that we take comfort in His presence though and I need reminded regularly to lean on Him instead of my own power.
I have spent two months continuing my healthy living journey and learning about essential oils.  I feel blessed every day to know the things I know now.  We should all be so blessed to take the leap to live more naturally.  Melaleuca and Young Living, you are saving my family every day.  I am so blessed to be here.
Well, it's the first day to take five kids to the grocery store with me and while putting it off buys me time it's not going to necessarily make it any easier or less stressful.  Say a prayer for me??
I'm anxious to be back and capture the stories of weight loss, allergy relief, dry eye relief and much more.  So exciting my life is!!   Mela and YL, you rock my world, I only hope that those that need relief from what's getting them down finds their way to you!!


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Through Sickness

There is nothing like a bout of sickness to test your strength.  Sicknesses come in many forms these days and test like nothing has ever tested us before.  Of late we aren't facing anything all that tough or scary, the stomach bug is no fun but it is manageable.  Tuesday evening middle child couldn't keep supper down and we spent twelve hours making dealing with the upset tummy.  Finally come Friday evening he was returning to "normal" and this morning he was doing great. This morning numbers four and five aren't feeling so hot though.  One has made a couple trips to the bathroom and soaked in the tub a few times while the other has pretty much sat dazed and the couch.  I have a feeling it could be much worse but I am thankful that things are manageable.
So many around us are facing major health issues.  Things that not only brought their world to a screeching halt but turned it upside down as well.  While I am tired from doing laundry and disinfecting things I am thankful that it is only the stomach bug.  I am thankful that I can pray for my friends that are walking through their sicknesses and trying times.  I am thankful that God blesses us in small humbling ways that remind us we are weak.
We are weak.  This is not a horrible thing it is just something that reminds us to lean on Him.  Through the good and the bad, through the days we feel strong and powerful or the days that we feel weak and lost.
When we marry we vow, through sickness and health.  When we begin a family we silently vow, through sickness and health.  When our friends become family and that family needs us, we vow, through sickness and health.  When God created us in His image He vowed, through sickness and health.  He is there for us through it all.  Remember that.  He is there for you, through it all.  You are never alone, that is His truest promise.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

What Next?

There are days that I seriously wonder what's going to be deemed "bad for you" next.  Now, mind you I am as weary of anything I buy in the store these days as most anyone else these days, but I am also tired of the internet being full of stories of how this or that product is poisoning my family.
What brought on this post today?  Well, sit back and let me tell you.
Part 1 - I am a Melaleuca Mom.  I proudly have switched my home from store bought and home made cleaners and personal care products to those which I can get through my Melaleuca store.  Never (seriously NEVER) has our health been better than what we have been experiencing in the three years since this transition. My hormone imbalance is managed, our allergies are in check, the eczema is gone, the psoriasis is gone, the run-ins with sinus infections and viruses are rare, it is such a blessing for us.  Shopping with Melaleuca also introduced me to melaleuca alternifolia oil, also known as tea tree oil. This has been our go-to treatment for cuts, burns, canker sores and so much more.  I carry it in my purse because, as a mom, a first aid need can happen at any moment.
Part 2 - I am a Young Living Mom.  Just recently I have introduced my family to the complete world of essential oils.  Peace & Calming and Lavender to help with relaxation and sleeping, Peppermint to help with the occasional stuffy nose, upset stomach and snoring and Valor to help with inner balance.
Now the problem.  I came home from school today and received a text from a friend concerned about tea tree oil and lavender oil use being linked to premature puberty in children.  I was quickly horrified at the thought of that because my five children are regularly exposed to one if not both of these oils on any given day.  After "bing searching" this is what I came up with:
 The "Study"
One Point of View
And Another
I also called both Melaleuca and Young Living's customer service lines to see what they could tell me about this information that I was turning up.  Neither company had any experience, concern or cause to believe that the true essential tea tree and lavender oils would cause these issues.  In fact both asked me for more information (yes,I will be emailing these links to them) about what these concerns were.
In reading as many message boards, articles and posts as I could find I would definitely agree with what the post above says.  Here's my thoughts. Nowhere in the "study" or any other story where a child has been affected did it point to a specific product.  Here's what I mean by that.  In all cases they affected person has been using a shampoo, lotion, gel or other product that caused the problem.  Is it Aveeno, Johnson&Johnson's, Melaleuca's, Young Living's or yet another one?  Are there any other ingredients in common like parabens or other chemical compound that is a "filler" in so many shampoos, lotions, gels and such.  Yes it concerns me that the obvious link in these cases is tea tree or lavender oil but what I want confirmed is the pureness of the oil in these cases.  Is it true, high quality essential oil as an ingredient in the shampoo or it is a chemically modified version to add "some" of the benefits of lavender to the shampoo without adding the high cost of it.  For example J&J Bedtime Bath has lavender in it, but is it true essential oil?  Think about this one.  The label on the "Restless Nights" bubble bath I bought this winter describes "Essential oils of Lavender, Chamomile and Passion Flower to soothe and comfort your body." The ingredients list these "flower extracts" as well as several hard to pronounce words like polyquaternum-10 and methylisothiazolinone.  Now you see my issue with the "study"?  I feel for these children and the parents that are facing these side effects but what bothers me is I'm not quite sure that they are truly questioning what deserves to be questioned in these cases.  Is it the essential oil or one of these unknown but constantly consumed "extras" in the ingredient list causing these health problems.  Possibly a combination of both in all reality.  If lavender is so unsafe and such a threat to our health then it should absolutely not be in baby bath, no questions asked.  If tea tree oil is a threat to our health then having it accessible in shampoos that children could use should be clearly and obviously marked.
Seriously what will the doctors say is harmful to our health next?  If essential oils like lavender and tea tree are not safe for common use then what is?  Please, people, please be aware of what you are consuming.  Know that our world is full of things that have potential to make us sick.  Yes, even, good things like essential oils need to be used wisely and with a mind to keep an eye out for reactions.  Too much of a good thing shouldn't be a bad thing but I am sure there are times that it can be.  Know this, I LOVE dark chocolate but to sit down and eat a whole bag of mini dark chocolate candy bars would likely be a very bad thing.
Passionate much?  Well, yeah, because I just spent three hours poring over the internet and making phone calls and that's the least you deserve.  Your family and my family deserves to be healthy and the only way any of us can ensure that is to be fully aware of what we are consuming in every aspect of our life.

God bless!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Privilege to Choose

We are blessed to live in a society that gives us the right to choose about every aspect of our lives. This is such a blessing and at times even a curse.  We are surrounded by marketing and promotions that bombard us with a hundred options of any given thing.
Here's the problem with that. We have no idea what to actually use. Say you face ADHD, eczema, autism, psoriasis, stress, adrenal fatigue, hormonal fatigue, depression, diabetes or any other health issue in the face. What do you do? Talk to your doctor. What do they do? Write a prescription or ignore you. (I was ignored.) Here's my problem with that, that's not getting to the root of the plight. It's not figuring out the cause of the situation.
You have real options, I had real options. I had to research them and keep going when no one believed I had hit perimenopause in my 20s but simple truth was I had. The birth control I was on only caused more problems and likely an abortion or two but I was never warned of that either. I was frustrated to my eyeballs because I knew something was wrong but no one would help me figure out what. When my child is covered in eczema, raging in misery and the other one is battling round upon round of staph infection what did the doc tell me about what was going on and how to clear these problems out of my home? Some people are just prone to this stuff. You can clean and disinfect with bleach but it's likely that you'll just be facing this for life.
Once I finally took my health into my own hands and started my Vitality vitamins my body started to return to normal. Since I had switched stores to buy vitamins I started cleaning house of my cleaners and personal care products. Swapped out the kid's shampoo and laundry detergent and buh-bye eczema and psoriasis. Amazingly I clean with these cleaners instead of bleach and we no longer battle staph infections. Our allergies? Practically nil, very rare does anything get at us, our bodies are too strong now. The slight asthma tendencies I showed? Not anymore.
I took a kiddo to the ER on a Saturday about a month ago with what was the onset of an ear infection. Result? There's a little fluid in his ears. Here's a prescription to fill, if it gets worse and we were sent on our way. I used my 'tug on the ear' trick all weekend and Monday I took him to our AWESOME chiropractor to get him a quick adjustment. All better. I took littlest brother battling a sinus infection something or other for nearly a week to the chiro and within two days everything was cleared out and gone. Why chiro? He won't take any antibiotic I'd get him anyway, so let's actually FIX the issue instead of band-aiding over it.
Yes choose other options. We're so careful about diet and what we are eating lets be equally mindful about all the other stuff we're consuming. Instead of reaching for a pill do some research on essential oils. This is a field I'm only just stepping into but WOW can I tell you, what an amazing field of health resources we have available. My blood sugar is awful. Pre-diabetic? Probably. With simply 24 hours of using essential oils I feel some freedom from the sugar highs and lows that have been plaguing me as of late. Absolutely serious here.
You have the privilege to choose how to regulate your health. Please, please choose wisely. I will happily walk this road with you. I am very passionate about this because I have seen the affects this is having in my own life, my family's life. You deserve the same!
God has blessed me with this and I will happily bless you with it too! The least we can do with this life He has given us is to use it to care for His other children. I thank Him every day for sending me stumbling into this world that I am now happily striding through.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013


It's been a good while since I've stopped in to write. We have been crazy around here with snow days (YAY!!) and school activities. Our undraiser supper raised $20,000 for our school, God is so good to the Peoria Christian family!!
I love my outlet here, capturing my thoughts and letting my cup overflow here. In posting an "about me" tidbit on a facebook group I rambled on quite a while and after "entering" it and going back I realized just how overdue I was for coming here.
My cup truly is overflowing with passion. I have so much to be thankful for, my blessings to count are innumerable but I'm realizing that I'm holding most of this passion in. Sure I post pictures all over instagram of cute things my kids are doing and I happily share cute stories on facebook regularly but it really is just a miniscule tip of the iceberg.
If you've been here before you may have seen a post or two about the things we consume. Three years ago I stepped onto a path that has changed the way I look at things. My hormonal fatigue was a huge hurdle, my family was battling allergies, eczema, psoriasis, staph infections, gingivitis and doctors kept telling me things like 'it's normal', 'some people are prone to this', 'I can get you a prescription that should help' and 'there's no way to "fix" it'. Better yet was when I would take a child to the doctor and their response was 'if it gets worse come back' or the vague reference that surgery could be necessary.
What no one ever told me was that the detergent, cleaners, shampoos and lotions I was using on my family were full of toxins and the real problem. Yeah, right, if it was poisonous or a harm to my health there's no way it would be on the shelf. Right? That's what I used to believe.
Then I learned different. Then I was introduced to a team that shares info about a company that makes it a priority to provide safe and healthy products to their customers. Over the course of three years I have transitioned my home to have only these products. Joining the Finding Freedom Team in this adventure is improving my family's health, adding some income to our little world and I couldn't be happier. How can I prove that the impact on out health is true? Got a quick one for you, for months my little three have not been sleeping well. So I thought I'd just pick up some lavendar bubble bath (only a "natural" one - from WalMart since I don't have many options), add it to the routine and we'll be golden. Right? WRONG. They didn't sleep any better and within a week of adding it to their bath water I had kiddos covered in eczema break outs. Ridiculously frustrating!!
So, now what? Well, I've been introduced to the awesomeness of tea tree oil through this company. I use it on every and any first aid type of thing I may have be it cuts, burns or canker sores. Works wonders! So after seeing the benefit of this it makes me wonder about other essential oils. Would lavendar help my wee ones sleep better? So after researching that I have decided to take that leap into the Young Living Essential Oil world. My "kit" doesn't get here until Friday (longest week EVER) but I am so anxious to get them and add them to my routines.
This is what I am passionate about. My health, my family's health, we only get one chance at this life and we have to care for it wisely. God has been laying this upon my heart. I am passionate about many things and this happens to be another in the arsenal. My neighbors, friends and anyone else I know deserves to live a full and blessed life. Don't you? What ailments are getting you down - adrenal fatigue, arthritis, psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, acne, bad joints, high cholesterol, diabetes? Do you want to feel better? Do you want your life back?
Let me help you. I have it on my heart that you deserve to feel good every day. I want to see you smiling and laughing again. What do you have to lose? Honestly...your life. When God puts it on your heart, you'll know to come here and contact me, I'm here and ready to hold your hand on this journey, it will be a blessed privilege.

LuvNHugz - SupportNPrayerz

Monday, February 11, 2013

Rubbermaid, My Hero!

I have been looking for something like this for YEARS!  Laundry baskets that can stack?  YES, PLEASE!!!  While in the big city last week (Des Moines) I decided to hit up a store I rarely get to shop at and pick up a couple laundry baskets.  With seven of us I can't ever have enough of them.  My children's rooms eat two to three a week and that means that I rarely have any in the laundry room when I need them.  Much to my excitement I found these Stack 'n Sort Laundry Baskets. 
 I am a prime example of a non-impulse shopper and so it took me about 20 minutes to convince myself to buy them, but I am SO happy I did!  I think I could use one or two more and if I can find them cheap enough, absolutely will pick them up.  So yes, for today, Rubbermaid, You are my hero.  I have had the three sectioned sorters on wheels and when you have two, they take up half the laundry room.  Then since they're on wheels the kiddos want to "ride" ride them and while they're great, they're only useful IN the laundry room.  These, well they're the WHOLE kit and caboodle.  I can use them ANYWHERE, oh, oh, they'll be great in the camper too.
I paid for them, I'm not getting anything for writing this.  I'm just too excited not to share the greatness of these baskets and showing my true colors as a wife, mom, housekeeper and unpaid maid.  ;0)  Today Rubbermaid is my hero, who knows what to expect for tomorrow, I am heading to the grocery store today so the possibilities are endless!
Happy Monday y'all!!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Do You?

Do you do any of these things routinely - laundry, wash dishes, clean your bathroom, dust, wash windows, detail your car?  How about shower, wash your hair, bath kiddos, shave, wash your face, brush your teeth, wash your hands or use any lotion?
Do you deal with any health issues like eczema, psoriasis, acne, gingivitis, allergies, asthma, dry skin, arthritis, achy joints or back?
Do you find amazing cleaning, personal care products or vitamins and are excitedly tell your friends about them?
These are things I do regularly, those health issues were ones I or my family members dealt with daily.  Would you like to get paid for doing these things, while healing and preventing these health issues?  You can.
Freedom in Health and Wellness is in your control, within your reach.  Switch stores today and have the health and wellness you've always dreamed of.  Tell a friend and help them switch stores and you will earn $25-$100, just like that.
I believe in this, I believe in you.  Join my team and we'll be Finding Freedom together!  

Monday, February 4, 2013

Looking For

Someone that is ready to make a change.

Job Description:Looking for motivated person who wants to make a CHANGE in their lives.  This position can be used to supplement an existing position or replace an income.  Looking for individuals who would like to earn an extra $500 to $5000 per month promoting an international wellness company.

Job Duties:
* Promotion of health and wellness company
* Teach and train others to do the same
* Lead by example
* Driven to work 110% to achieve their goals

Candidate Profile
* Motivated to make a CHANGE 
* Drive and self-starter
* Ready to work with a highly successful team

How to Apply?
Email me at

PS -If I can do this in the midst of juggling five kiddos and a husband, volunteering hours a week at school, and living my otherwise never boring life as an introvert, then you can too!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Did You Know

Did you know that the air quality in your home is five to seven times worse than outside?
Did you know that clearing you home of the toxin load can help you lose weight? (Yes, it slows down you metabolism!)
Did you know that it is not only cleaners but also bathroom products, laundry detergent and even fabric sheets that have chemicals that lead to cancer, allergies, skin issues and other illnesses?
Did you know that there is more than 30 different names for Formaldehyde that manufacturers use to “mask” what is in their products?
Did you know that Tide is the number one cause of eczema?
Did you know that in a manufacturing plant where detergent is bottled if there is a spill they have to evacuate?
Try clearing out your home!
Are you using Cascade in your dishwasher, we have Diamond Brite.  Try it for a month and see the difference with none of the chemicals and toxins.
What shampoo are you using? Pantene, Suave, Herbal Essences, Nioxin, Aveda? Try Affinia or Sei Bella and feel good knowing that you aren’t massaging toxins into your scalp every morning.
What about Pledge? Spray cleaners like this one are believed to cause some skin cancers.
Johnson & Johnson, everyone knows those baby baths, lotions and shampoos, but while it smells great many children products are tainted with Formaldehyde, which causes cancer and leukemia.
What do you use on your floor? Swiffer? Did you know that the cleaners used on your floor come into contact with the people and animals of your house constantly? Don’t let your family get sick, try Tough and Tender instead.
Are you using Resolve on stains? Why not try our non-caustic options.
Are you using Crest to brush? That tingly feeling isn’t actually making you any healthier.
CoverGirl or Revlon? Did you realize that using these and other common make-up brands means you’re rubbing chemicals directly on to the most porous part of your body?
Did you know that families that take a “good” vitamin could reduce their risk for cancer, allergies (yes, even allergies), heart disease, leukemia, obesity, arthritis and ADHD…the list goes on and on!  If you’re taking Gummies, One A Day, Centrium or a generic version you body is unable to absorb the nutrients. Try Vitality for a month and feel the difference!
Do everything in your power to minimize your family’s risk!!
What don’t the labels tell?
Label information is directed at “acute” or immediate effects only. You are not given information about “chronic” or long-term hazards of chemical products, such as cancer or birth defects. Think about how many products in your home have a “Keep out of reach of children” warning on them. If they are harmful, then we should seriously consider using them. There are other concerns about labels as well.  Some products contain ingredients that have not been officially recognized by the federal government as hazardous, but yet are still cause for concern. “inert” ingredients are chemicals added as “carriers” for the active ingredients in cleaners and pesticides.  Only a percentage of the inert ingredients are required on the label, not their identity. Some inert ingredients are hazardous.
There is not standardized list of chemical names.  Many chemicals have numerous trade and/or scientific names. This makes it hard for you to compare products.  Antidotes listed on the label may be incomplete, out-of-date or even dangerously wrong.  According to a 1984 report by the National Academy of Sciences, less than 2 percent of all new and existing chemicals have been tested sufficiently to allow a complete health hazard assessment.  Also, many labels do not tell you how to dispose of a product safely. The use of the term “non-toxic” is for advertising only.  It has no regulatory definition by the federal government.

Why Switch Stores?
To can guarantee a safer home. The examples above are just a FEW to show how we have to take charge of our family’s health and homes.  Switching stores is the first step to making a great life for yourself and your family!  Do you know anyone who…has kids, isn’t a fan of Wal-Mart, makes the big trek to health food stores, has allergies, asthma, cancer, skin issues, bloody noses, eczema, acne, arthritis (to name a few things we “live with” because doctors say there’s only so much we can do to “help”) or wants to live life healthy?

Email me today, only if you're ready to make a change.

Takin' Five on Friday - Afraid

Got five minutes? Let’s write. Let’s finger paint with words –>{click to tweet}.
Let’s just write and not worry if it’s just right or not. Here’s how to play along:

1. Write for 5 minutes flat for pure unedited love of the written word.
2. Link back here and invite others to join in {you can grab the button code in my blog footer}
3. Go leave some comment props for the five minute artist who linked up before you {and if you love us, consider turning off word verification for the day to make it easier for folks to say howdy}
It’s a great way to catch your breath at the end of a long week.
When I saw the post in my email this morning, what did I do/think you wonder.  I ignored it.  Huh, fear?  Afraid of who?  Afraid of what?  Okay, seriously, I'm a ostrich with my head in the sand.
And here is what literally just smacked me up side 'da head!

Holley and Lisa Jo, I thank you.  Here's what I just figured out.  As soon as Holley started talking about God sized dreams I quit reading her emails.  They showed up in my inbox right on schedule and they have stayed there.  Why?  I don't know, ahem didn't know, until five minutes ago.
Here's what I'm afraid of.  Being "seen".
What's my God sized dream?  Oh, it's a doozy, but if I acknowledge it, then it becomes real and I have to face it.  So, let me run scared, NOW!!!!
What's my daily desire?  Godly love, peace and contentment within the walls of this house.  Where does that start?  With me.  How's it going?  Hah, yeah, I'll let you know tomorrow.
What do I aspire to?  Sharing my Health and Wellness company with everyone I interact with.  Do I do it?  Nope.  Too afraid to share it, even though the impact is priceless.
Being successful, being seen, putting myself out there.  It scares me silly.  For years my family drilled into me that I wasn't good enough, wouldn't be good enough, couldn't be good enough.  So much so that I'm actually scared to try to be.

WOW!!   Thank you Lisa Jo for helping me realize what wall I had hit.  I knew it was there didn't have a clue how to get out of this invisible box.  I have been dealing with family drama and knew it was bogging me down.  I just never knew how much it still tied me in place.
I deserve to acknowledge my God Sized Dream, big and scary as it may be.  Godly love, peace and contentment, well, that's ours for the enjoying.   To build a WAHM business and help the women, men and children that God places in my path to achieve health, wellness and freedom?  That's not just for me, that's for all you others out there too that deserve all that amazing stuff too.
This blog?  Well, I should come more regularly and capture these things.  These moments, these thoughts, this is the stuff my life is made of.  My faith-steps and foot-prints.  Why be afraid of myself here.  This is my safe space.  The space that if God sends someone over, there is a reason.
I am enough.  Enough to face the moments of being afraid and knowing that God is right here too, wanting me to stretch, dream, share and go, relying on Him as my guide.  Nothing to be afraid of.

LuvNHugz - SupportNPrayerz

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Takin' Five on Friday - Cherished

Lisa Jo invites us to join her, every Friday...
1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. Please visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments. That is like the one rule we all really care about. For reals.

OK, are you ready? I’ve had this word on my heart for you all week. Usually I’m wondering what the prompt will be right up until nearly midnight myself. But this week – this week I think a few of you at least need this word…



There is a sweetness in being cherished.  A thrill in the early stages of love that every note, flower, kiss and touch leaves you feeling cherished.  As the years go by the need of feeling cherished grows stronger.  I want you to remember to leave me a note when you leave, hold my hand, wrap me in a hug.  Remind me that you don't forget about those sweet moments of intimacy amidst all the chaos of every day.  Help me to cherish the moments when little ones climb into bed with us, safer there between mom and dad than anywhere else.  Remind me that when the lights grow dim and a family of seven crowds onto the couch, that Friday night movie times are the family moments to cherish forever.  Sometimes it comes easy in the early days of two to remember to cherish each other but don't let the habit fall by the wayside.  Everyone needs to be cherished, feel cherished and while after thirteen years it becomes something we remember to do, it is every bit as precious as it was on day one.


 Have a wonderful weekend.  Go "cherish" a moment with a loved one, now.




Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Thoughts on The Flu

As the flu is reaching epidemic proportions and everyone is raving about whether or not it's ethical, responsible, selfish or personal to get (or not get) a flu shot, here's my two cents worth.
Where does the flu come from every year?  Please tell me.  Yeah, yeah, I can "google it" and see what and "say" but someone, please tell explain it to me in a way that makes sense.  Oh and where does it "go" for the half of the year that we're not infected by it?  Twenty years ago when we had so much less medical technology (heck, ten years even) and  yet I don't remember the flu being a pandemic concern.  How is it that as we progress in this world we are getting worse?  How does a virus go "dormant" for months and then rear it's ugly head only to sicken thousands and kill hundreds each year?  None of this makes sense to me.
This is the same planet I have been living on for 33 years now and while medical discoveries continue to improve our health and longevity "every day" why in the world have we not eliminated this stupid virus?  Yeah, yeah, "it morphs and mutates every day and so there's nothing that can "stop it" from spreading and infecting people" - heard that too, but then what are we vaccinating against?  I just read today that the vaccine this year is averaging a possible 60% success rate because there are some that are still getting a "strain" not protected against by this vaccine.

Vaccines, don't even start me there.  There is no other medicinal treatment in this world that is a "one-size-fits-all" dosage, yet vaccines are?  Again, something that has NEVER made any sense to me.  I don't completely disagree with the need for a vaccine.  My problem is when the vaccine costs a hundred bucks and then you have a 50/50 chance that it might work.  Seriously, of all the things I consume - food, gas, insurance, water, cleaners, shampoo - if there is a 50% chance it could help and a 50% chance that it wouldn't, why spend my money on it?  Why did vaccines against polio, measles, rubella and mumps work but we can't make one work for the flu?
This is what frustrates me.  I have grandparents that are of compromised health.  I have a neighbor girl that lives with SMA and is at risk of getting even just a minor cold.  If our health care system and big pharma really cared about these people, the vaccines should be of minimal to no cost if they are not completely dependable.  If our medical community is making such great strides in health care then why is this "a pandemic" and such a problem when it used to not even be on the radar of our lives.
I truly believe that a huge part of this is not about getting "stuck" with a vaccine and hoping it works so much as actually taking care of yourself, your family and your neighbors.  If you are remotely unwell, your child or your spouse, STAY HOME!!!  Hand sanitizer in your bag, bleach wipes at the entrance of every store so you can wipe down your cart, Lysol wipes in every room of your house, seriously people, are these things helping us?  No, think about it, if it was, this "epidemic" would not be so nearly out of control.  Keeping your rear at home when you're sick, keeping the kids home from school (yes, you'll have to miss work) until they are 24 hours plus healthy and just generally maintaining yourself and your home are steps that are just as important as any shot you could get.  Yes, I'm "that mom" that has her child miss an extra day of school "just to be sure" rather than take the chance that he's going to expose someone else.  Also, if my child is sick with a fever I will let them sweat it out.  Why give her Tylenol so that she will feel good enough to run around and play yet she's not resting so her body can fight what's wrong, in turn taking her longer to get better because she's just wearing herself out more.
I just don't get it.  I hate this flu stuff.  I really feel it's as much political as anything.  Divide and conquer, instill fear in people and make them choose sides.  The political race, the flu vaccine debate, the rest of anything else you and your neighbor disagree on, it is what it is.  God will take care of us.  He knows what's going on around here while we walk around in this maze of mirrors every day.  We are in a society that thrives on "to each his own" leaving each other to do for themselves and worrying only about what he is going to "get" next.
We need to get back to a world of hard working, integrity solid and faithful people that do unto others first and then reap our own rewards later.  Having pride in things accomplished and earning the things you work for rather than waiting on someone to "hand it to you".  Where we first think of others and share that which we have been blessed with when reaping in the bounty from the Lord.  Help your neighbor, so that when they fall ill, they might stay in and rest rather than worry about their list of things that needs done.  Rather than being so wholly dependent upon medicine and doctors to cure what ails us, take rest in the Lord that He will provide all you need and care for you in even your weakest moment, without question, without pause.  Yes, your doctor, big pharma and the ER nurse are there when you need them but not without a cost to you.  What are you willing to pay by trusting in them?  Do they deserve your trust?  We need these health professionals in our lives, most certainly do occasionally, but at times we forget that not everyone has our best interests in mind.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Yup, that's me.  Well, that's what I feel like.  Since I haven't written regularly in ages I feel like a total slacker.  I have a few topics in mind, just haven't taken (made) the time to write.  Part of this stems from drama with my parents.  For whatever reason in usually flares up around then and comes really close to ruining Christmas for me.  This year was of course no different.  Directly after Thanksgiving it started.  I was getting multiple phone calls a day from my dad only to have him tell me how I needed to quit lying and playing games with his life.  The amusing thing is I don't have time for that kind of stuff.  Add to the care of five children, maintaining a home, providing meals for my family, organizing hot lunch at school and the other details that this SAHM juggles without thinking, oh and an extra task of managing the neighbor's chores for the month of December the last thing I wanted to do is create more drama to ruin my parents' lives.  They do that well enough on their own.
I was seriously at the point of exploding.  I finally did.  Everyone was coming at me with their issues of life and I generally only get to listen.  Rarely does anyone hear what I say.  Whether the hear the words I speak or listen to what I'm saying, I feel on a veritable island most days.  Yes, dear husband, I feel the same with you.  Everyone assumes that I sit around doing nothing all day, that I have a ton of free time and heck, I've got it easy.
There is the truth.  The thoughts that have been floating in my head for weeks now.  I feel like no one values me, my time or my thoughts.  No one calls me to ask how I'm doing, no one truly cares how my day went when they get home, they all just start in on their needs and wants.  Granted I'm not great at calling my friends and asking how they're doing, but when I'm free they're working and when they're on their way home there are a minimum of five kids causing chaos making it difficult to carry on any kind of conversation.  What am I doing wrong that I feel so lost right now.  What in the world would I come here to write about when no one cares anyway.  I know that I started this blog in order to capture my thoughts and memories of this life, okay God I did that part, but I'm so lost and why would I want to capture and remember that?
Okay so this is getting therapeutic now.  I get it, Dear Father, that's what I should be capturing here, spending time here "hearing" the things you say that I can only "hear" when I'm writing.  Working through my sadness, lostness, loneliness and feeling your love.  Okay, okay, you hear me, I get it now, I'll make more time to connect with you here.
I love you, Dad, Father of my soul, you are where the chaos of my life makes sense. Love, me, your daughter.