Monday, July 22, 2013

Taking A New Direction

Joining up with some "friends" over at and jumping in to join the seven posts in seven days challenge.
Yeah, this could be interesting.  Regular blogging?  Yeah, sadly, not around here.
Anyway, so today's post is about taking off in a new direction.  The direction of more natural living.  I've blogged about how I stumbled onto my current cleaning/personal care/vitamin company.  Having enjoyed that now for 2-1/2 years I am leaping into the world of homeopathy and essential oils.  I really know very little at this point but I am LOVING what I have learned.
Just yesterday morning I work up with a raging sinus infection.  In the past I would have  waited 3-4 days (as required by a doc) before calling about an appointment and attempting to get antibiotics.  Instead I took some Hyland's Cough and Cold liquid (which didn't make me puke) and lathered up with peppermint and Thieves blend essential oils.  I got in with my (AMAZING) chiropractor and happily say that the sinus infection is definitely clearing out.  Before this I would have spent three or four days miserable, got antibiotics and then been miserable with yeast infection after that.  (I know, I know - TMI!)
So happy to be taking this direction of more natural living.  It's a process, let me admit it.  Though I will NEVER go back, NEVER.  More testimonies as the week goes on.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Time Flies...

When we're too busy to pay attention.
That truly is how I feel most days.  It's choice though, well for me.  I choose to sleep until 7:00 and then I have to hit the floor running.  I keep running all day.  Loads of laundry everywhere, meal planning, dishes piled, floors that need swept or vacuumed.  UGH, the to-do list is just too much.  The garden quickly turned back into a grass patch and we finally just mowed it off.  Keeping up with the things children have going on is just interesting and I really only have one that is old enough to be actively involved in multiple things.
I really need to better prioritize my days.  I need to find time to better focus on where God is directing me.  To listen to His voice and feel His calming love surround me.  I'm sad because I'm worried about a friend and have no idea how to talk to her about it.  I'm praying repeatedly to just take the worries upon my heart and let Him handle them but I still worry.  It's human.  I know He has great plans and that everything will work out exactly as it should but again, I'm a weak human that gets lost in my own thoughts.
Oh how good it feels to be here.  Threadbare and worn out, that's for sure.  Though I wouldn't want it any other way, of this I am sure.  Off to lather myself with some Joy essential oil and set into motion.
God is good, so very good, of this I am sure.