Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lost in Time

Or something like that.
April and May are the months of chaos for me.  April hits and baseball begins, school activities kick into high gear and then May comes in, smacking me up side the head with it's own brand of busy.
I fall off the blogging grid and long to capture a few moments to ground myself in spewing words and creative expression.  2013 has been no different and now that May 28 is here, school is out and I'm able to breathe again.  This May has been like no other I recall.  Something like 5 inches of snow on the 3rd, burying Tulip Time buds and festivities in quite the blanket of white and canceling two of three days worth of activities.  Absolutely crazy.  Now we're recovering from (and facing) an amazing amount of rain.  It's shaping up to rain every day for ten days straight, we're on day six.  Campgrounds flooded and rivers and creeks out of banks that haven't been crested in decades.  God is showing us some amazing things and teaching some of us to be thankful and blessed no matter the circumstance.  It is in these moments of crisis that we take comfort in His presence though and I need reminded regularly to lean on Him instead of my own power.
I have spent two months continuing my healthy living journey and learning about essential oils.  I feel blessed every day to know the things I know now.  We should all be so blessed to take the leap to live more naturally.  Melaleuca and Young Living, you are saving my family every day.  I am so blessed to be here.
Well, it's the first day to take five kids to the grocery store with me and while putting it off buys me time it's not going to necessarily make it any easier or less stressful.  Say a prayer for me??
I'm anxious to be back and capture the stories of weight loss, allergy relief, dry eye relief and much more.  So exciting my life is!!   Mela and YL, you rock my world, I only hope that those that need relief from what's getting them down finds their way to you!!