Monday, September 30, 2013

Beat the Infection!

Earlier this summer my 4yo was complaining that his foot hurt. I looked at it and inspected for splinters and what not (we're barefoot and fancy free around here) but didn't see or feel anything.
A couple mornings later he really complained again and this is what I found.  Of course it was a Friday morning and all that was available for doctor appointments was a trip to urgent care. No thanks! So I grabbed my Young Living essential oils and made a hour plan to watch it for the next 24 hours. You can see the yellow-ish puss pocket with the red ring around it. That area was so swollen it filled the palm of my hand. It was sore, sore, sore, of course and raging with heat. I still saw no "opening" where anything got in his foot so still had no idea what it was.
I rubbed tea tree oil, thieves oil and lemon oil onto it (gently) and covered it with some bandages. I repeated that four more times throughout the day.  By the evening it was less swollen and the heat was dropping away.  By the next morning it was nearly gone.  Seriously, there was a little "knot" that was very obviously the core of the issue but the redness was gone, the yellow had faded, the swelling was nearly gone and no more heat coming off of it either.
I kept up with the treatments throughout the weekend to just make sure that everything was gone and whatever it was, we healed it.  Mind you I really did consider taking him in to urgent care.  I knew they'd give me antibiotics and send him home to which I'd BATTLE getting them in him for the next ten days.  This seemed the far less traumatizing option and I'm SO happy that it worked.  Mind you I have been treating minor wounds like this for years and had complete faith that it would help but was ready to put five kids in the car and head to town at the hint that it wasn't helping.
I share this story so that you know there are options, great options at taking care of your family and keeping them healthy.  Explore what that means for you.  For us one of the tools is these Young Living Essential Oils.