Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lavender YLEO - First Aid in a Bottle

I have five kids, I need easy and amazing first aid. I know how long an injury must be to qualify for stitches, I know that we prefer stitches over staples and I will NEVER allow my children staples again. I also know that the amazing natural first aid options I've found are much better than the ones I used to use. My first aid kit contains Young Living Essential Oils - lavender, tea tree, peppermint, single oils as well as peace and calming and valor blends.
Anyway, here's the story of how I handle injuries these days. I started using Young Living Essential Oils in March. They have become the "first aid kit" I take EVERYWHERE. My youngest had a bloody nose back in April. He wouldn't let me touch it so it dripped for the better part of eight hours. Finally at bedtime I convinced him to let me swab his nose with a lavendered q-tip. Instantly the bleeding was done and what a blessing that was! In July we decided to grab the tubes and go float down the river. Right at the end (as we are out of the water and ready to head home) I lost my balance and dive back into the river to save myself major injury. When I got home I had this huge red mark across my leg from landing on a chunk of cement that was hiding in the water. I lathered these marks (that hurt horribly) with lavender and knew that I would heal fast.
 This second picture is of the same leg mark as the first picture six days after the incident and lavender application. This last picture is of the mark that I didn't get lavender on also six days post injury. What a crazy difference that lavender essential oil makes, huh?!?!

Even today I put lavender to work. My husband plays slow pitch softball in a local church league. Today was the season final/tournament. One of our team members hit her head on the bat bracket in the dugout. Not hard mind you but we all know how bad head wounds bleed. By the time she realized what she did she had blood every where. I grabbed my lavender and applied a could drops and it instantly stopped bleeding. Even watching it with my own eyes I was amazed. Then when we got home I made a coconut/lavender oils mix to put on DH's heat rash.
I am completely serious when I say this YLEO, lavender is the thing to have. We use it for allergies, burns, sunburn, deodorant, sleeping - EVERYTHING. I don't think a day goes by that I don't use it for something or another.

Young Living and their essential oils are rocking this family's world!!
Deo Volente

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