Friday, June 15, 2012

Takin' Five on Friday - Path

It's Friday and Gypsy Mama always prompts us to write, simply write, without question, without reservation, for just five minutes.


"Two paths diverged and I, I took the lesser traveled and THAT has made all the difference."

Okay, so I KNOW I didn't quote that right but you know what I'm talking about.  That Robert Frost poem that we all studied in school at some point.  I think every single English teacher uses that one to try to teach us something.

Isn't it easier to stay on the well traveled one?  To stay in the familiar?  I'm so happy in my little world.  Under this rock I call home.  I really don't stay up on the gossip, I really don't miss the time-clock punching/working world, I could care less about coffee time and chatting about "Who did what?!?!"  Generally content to do laundry, make my bed, plan meals, serve my home and help my neighbors.

Though there are times that I wished I got out a bit more.  Had "girlfriends" that did Bible study at the coffee shop, went shopping occasionally and just "got out" more.  Maybe I wish that sometimes I was more than what I really am.

So, this is what I do.  From the comfort of my home I step out of my comfort zone and hang out in the community, Bible study with my friends across the US, dream in my blog world and work from home my own little business.

What if it was time to move across the country?  Go on a mission trip halfway around the world?

 I guess it'd be time to step on that "lesser traveled" path then wouldn't it.


Deo Volente


  1. Sounds like you love your life . . .

    even staying home and being faithful there is a path less travelled, isn't it?

    "We can do no great things, only small things with great love." (Mother Teresa)
    (Like you said, don't know if I quoted it word-for-word :))

    1. :0) Yes, some days I do feel like I'm on the lesser traveled path simply because I'm a SAHM, but you're right, so long as I'm happy here, then I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else.
      Thanx for stopping by. I LOVE that Mother Teresa quote, thanx for sharing it.
      Have a blessedly beautiful week!!