Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shattered Pieces at Your Feet

How do you know which direction to go when your world has been turned upside-down?
Trials can make us or break us.  The trials of life can be the crutches of why we struggle, the stairs where we stall and fail to finish our climb or the mountain peak that we scale to see the beautiful things in the valley with a bird's-eye view.
What's hard is seeing the precious pieces of life as we know it laying shattered at our feet.  When everything around you has been turned upside-down which way do you look first?
UP! So now you look at me like I'm nuts, right?  Up, what in the world do you mean by that, you wonder.  Look up to your heavenly Father.   The one that knows you, inside and out, for the good and the bad, through the rain and drought, the happy and sad.  He will ALWAYS be there to walk through life with you, He will never abandon you to fend for yourself.
Just this week I have seen trials that would send anyone to their knees.  A family home burned to the ground on Sunday.  Nothing left, there may be a few things to save and put up as keepsakes but honestly practically nothing left but the clothes on their seven bodies.  Monday a young mother was called to heaven far too soon in life.  I know that not all of us will have the privilege of growing old but knowing she leaves behind a grieving husband to a young son and infant daughter makes the loss of her sweet life so difficult. Don't forget the man that on what should be an average week night finds his marriage crumbling around him.  When we hit a crossroads in life we wonder "if this is all there is" and look to see if there is "more put there".  The struggle is in how to forge through on that road WITH the one you vowed forever to.  Is it easy?, but in the long run it will be worth it to face your trial in the moment and deal with it.
Do I have any advice for any of these people?  Look up. Look to your Daddy that cares about everything you ever do and lean on Him, let Him carry your burdens.  The ones with the burnt home? They said, we always knew that if we lost it that it wasn't where our true treasure lies.  What a priceless sentiment.  If only we could all remember that.
What of the quote...Your actions show what your heart is made of...cuts me to the quick today, that one does.  What are your actions showing today, this minute.  They say the true character of a man is how he treats animals, children and the elderly. Why? Because they have nothing to offer him in return but love and appreciation.
Pray for those you know are struggling and just in general those around you.  Look up to your Father for guidance and listen to what He tells you.  You've got this because He's got you!
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