Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Things Lost

It's one of those times when you long for that which has been lost.  Whatever it may be, we all have those things that we lose and long for it's return.  I have a couple things missing.  One is a necklace that Jayme gave me, it's just a simple chain but it rarely left my neck.  It had two pendants on it, one a sapphire (a gift the Valentine's day of 2003, the same day I first miscarried a precious child) and a diamond pendant that he gave me Christmas 2010.  They're just pendants but they meant so very much to me.  The chain broke one evening and I set the whole thing up and it hasn't been seen since.  Over a year and it has yet to turn up.
Just last week I was going to print some pictures from my old phone's memory card.  I had it in my pocket and somewhere through my day it was lost as well.
While I am sad and pray for the safe "finding" of these things I feel somewhat silly as well.  My grandparents reminded me that I can pray for help from Saint Anthony for such things.  He is the patron saint of all things lost.  Now I lay in bed praying over such things and this is what makes me feel silly.  "Dear St. Anthony, please come around. To find something that can't be found."
I'd much rather pray for my friends that "lost" everything in a fire but I'm quite positive that doing so will not return the locks of hair, pictures, wedding band, cherished items and memories that are missing.  Can you put into words how to find the security of "home" once it's gone.  This has become a challenge for me as that which I am searching for is minor in that which I see others facing around me.  I know I have faith and I'm quite willing to "let go and let God" but I have my moments of feeling lost in life and wonder if I'm doing it "right".  To take the road less traveled by, to forge a path where no road has been paved, to let go and let God is a far cry easier to say than to do most days.
Searching for things lost, really is about far more than a few minor possessions, it's about life.  It's about finding the faith that will get you through when things get rough.  It's hoping you're doing the "living" thing well, being God's servant, a supportive wife, a leading and teaching mother, a caring family member, a helpful friend.  We all get lost on these paths, feeling alone in the scary backwoods of life.  When "life as we know it" crashed around our ears in the blink of an eye with any number of things that shake the ground we stand on.
So in all honesty whether you're looking for something and praying for Saint Anthony's help or if you're just crying out to God for some peace in your day, you are NEVER alone, NEVER.  We are His sheep and we can get separated from the flock but The Good Shepherd always knows where we are and is only just a quick prayer away.

We all understand these words - I once was lost but now am found.  Oh yes, no more beautiful thought than this.
Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,  That saved a wretch like me....
I once was lost but now am found,  Was blind, but now, I see.
So face those moments of things lost in this life because we have been found by a Father that loves us beautifully and tenderly, unwavering and true.  You need only ask and He will be there and even when you're in a dark and lonely place there is always the light of His love to warm you and guide you.  Trust in Him the One that will never forsake His precious child, You.  Never lost but always found, always, in the watchful eyes and loving arms of Our Father.

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