Monday, July 6, 2015

Peppermint and Thieves...How I Love Thee

Monday night, 8pm my 13yo comes to me and says the 10yo "says he feels funny" and I don't think much of it approximately five minutes later the 10yo makes a hasty dash to the bathroom. Ruh-roh!!

Once he is done with round one I roll both thieves and peppermint across his chest and around his belly. I repeat the application of oils 5-10 minutes later just before he jumps in a warm bath.  Post bath I repeat the oils application. (He did end up sick again but just once or twice more.) Around 10:00 he got oiled again and tucked in to the bathroom floor nest. By 10:30 he was passed out.

In the meantime I also applied thieves to all four other kiddos wrists - preventative measures. Around 4:00am the 10yo woke up and moved himself to the couch from the bathroom floor nest. He said he felt much better already. At 7am when all the other kids are getting ready for school he is pretty much back to normal but got the lucky golden ticket to stay home to be safe.

By noon he was fine, eating anything (and everything) including pizza the neighbor brought over for lunch.

Considering no one else caught that tummy bug and that he bounced back in less than 12 hours is something amazing. Especially this year when the crud has been fierce and miserable.

This is why I believe in Young Living Essential Oils. They amaze me - every single time. I will never regret replacing the junk in my medicine cabinet with these small jars of blessings.

Deo Volente


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