Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Blessedly Busy

It has been far too long since I've been here.  Far too long.
I'll try not to write too long though.  Over the several weeks many things have happened.  I have faced the loss of my first grandparent and walked the sad journey with my amazing family.  The patriarch of our leg of the Hemmer heritage left behind a wife of 67 years, 10 children (and out-laws), 25 grandchildren (and out-laws) and 43 great-grand-children.  There is nothing like a legacy that reaches through the years and across the miles of a long life.  Was he perfect, nope but he was a man that loved, served and cared for all those around him.  He is deeply missed because he touched many people.  I am blessed that all of my children have known him.  Not only the five that walk the earth with me but also the three in heaven that he now gets to laugh with and love on for me.
In the weeks that followed I watched as a family also laid to rest the matriarch of their large family.  The hardest thing is that the week after her passing her son abruptly left this world for his greater heaven and left behind a large gap in this world.  His wife, his children, his siblings, nephews, nieces and friends still stand in shock at the gaping hole he leaves here.
The day after my grandfather passed we were gathered with my grandmother in their home, reminiscing about times past and love shared.  My aunt told a story of my Nana, grandpa's mom that deeply touched me.  When my aunt was little she asked Nana a question of why something happened.  Nana's response was that one day all would make sense.  Quite basically put, Nana told her, 'You'll understand when you die and until then it is as it is.'  In that moment I was struck by the wisdom of such a simple statement.  It's so true, it will all make sense eventually, it will.  A week later, the Sunday of the visitation for the young father that was so abruptly gone the message at church was to vent your anger to the Lord in the tough times but to remember not to be angry with Him.  In this world where things are broken and life doesn't make sense we can be angry, sad and upset.  Cast those things in prayer to Him and ask Him to guide you through.  For no matter what Satan sends your way, Your Father is ALWAYS there to walk with you, even carry you.
It has been a month of thoughts and soul searching - time focusing on devotion.  While there has been much sadness I have found many things to rejoice about.  Daily I am hearing from friends and family that are finding blessings in using Young Living essential oils.  From a friend that has lived with endometriosis for several years, walked through the loss of two babies and is now expecting a baby - completely, shockingly, blessedly expecting.  A friend worried about her sweet little boy and essential oils have calmed the chaos within him, bringing out the blessing of a happy, healthy boy.  Having health in our home that stands in the face of anything sent our way is an amazing blessings in thanks to YLEO and our awesome chiropractor Dr Carl.  YLEO bless many every day in many ways.  The blessings are as simple as helping with snoring, bedwetting and healing burns but these are stories in every day life that are real and true.  There is nothing more powerful that harnessing your own health and having it work WITH you for life than to constantly feel like you're battling something.  I spent many years in that battle, watch people do that battle every day and love learning more about turning it from a battle to a blessed experience.
In the basic of my soul I am a servant.  I LOVE serving and helping others.  Let me feed 50 people, clean up someone's home.  Let me take care of you, put a smile on your face and show you that you are loved.  I do get worn down taking care of things at home and picking up the same socks every morning but in all reality, it is what I was born to do.
Serve others.
This journey I am on is taking me directly down that road.  I am on a very different path in life, one where I am looking for real health, true connections and God centered living.  This is where I'm going and I am loving (almost - let's be honest) every minute of it.  A good life isn't about an easy life, a good life is a blessed life.  Feeling the triumph in the trials, enjoying the rainbow for the rain, and the beauty in the light after the darkness.

Walking into a life devoted to His glory...ever so blessed by His great plans.

Deo Volente

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