Monday, February 10, 2014

Devotion - February

I am not at all very good with posting in a regular manner. Five kids, hubs, too many part-time jobs, seven animals plus all the other stuff I'm helping with at various times, geesh when I put it like that NO WONDER!!
I am enjoying figuring out what this "devotion" thing means to me. I am enjoying seeing where God is going to lead me as I am developing my ability to focus on Him. I am blessed to have His grace and gifts showered around me everywhere I turn.
I am working on being more diligent in my Bible study and devotions times. That's hard only because I don't set it as the priority that I should. I am working on the interactions within my family. I'm really trying to change the patterns that were taught me growing up. They are not healthy, I have known this, I have known this needs changed, I am working on making those changes.
Let me continue to work on this phase of devotion in my life and see it through to success. Let me continue to grow in my life, love and devotion to my Father and my family. Let me continue to search for wisdom and appreciate the grace He has blessed me with. Let me continue to find ways to teach my children the good and important things in this world.


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