Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I think, wait, I know that's what I lack.  The discipline to follow through on something, anything some days.  It's like I'm running scared from being a success. How ridiculous!?!?
I happily quote this - If you have time to complain about it, you have time to do something about it.  So, in turn, I don't complain about my weight, my inability to stick to an exercise routine or Bible study, writing blog posts and a great many other things.  Simply because if I make time to complain about it, then I have time to do something about it.  That's some scary stuff, motivation, it's comfortable here in the as is state.
Taking the first step is the hardest one.  Launching my Melaleuca business is the same way.  What will I do if it's a raging success?  What if I put the possibility out there for people to change their lives and then they ask me how?  Great gravy, how silly is it to be scared of being successful.  Being an impact on the world, doing good things for people and living a great life?  Yup, sounds pretty terrifying at the moment.
Okay, God, I get it.  Don't just step out of the comfort zone, jump out with both feet and with enthusiasm.  Let go and let You lead me down what is truly going to be a great path, the life you have designed for me.
Where do I start?  With Him.  Taking time everyday to read His words, pray for His guidance and listen to what He tells me.  Okay, I can do that.  Yes, yes I can because He and I deserve nothing less!

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