Monday, March 5, 2012

Imploding Today

What is going on?  Do you ever have those days that everything blows up in your face?  I do.  Not often it seems, and as long as I'm keeping my footing on the right path with my eyes on the light that my Father has shining on my path it seems to be easier to stay there.
I must have taken my eyes off and started out in my own direction.  Well, that's how I feel.  I've been working on a project and while my intention was to alleviate some stress that all of us feel, I was probably looking a little too much inward and at how this affects me.
When I take on a project I have expectations.  Expectations that if I have questions the veterans of the project will have answers.  I guess if I'm in that "veteran" position and I'm trying to teach someone else about something I expect myself to come prepared.  If I wanted to teach you how to make a casserole I would have all the ingredients there and a pan.  If I only had half the ingredients I couldn't prepare and serve you a meal.  No different than if I had the ingredients but no pan, I still couldn't feed you.
I'm also not one for making things harder than they need to be though either.  Nor is that ever my intention.  I'm not the one for drama, I'd like to think I'm not going to go around stirring it up either.  I want us to make plans for a project, I want to set deadlines to complete the project and I want it all to come together smoothly.  Will there be ripples and affects from things that aren't "perfect"?  Heck, yeah!  I just prefer to avoid the crashing waves and like to anticipate as much as I can.  Besides, I will never ask for perfection in anything.  That's pointless.  What is perfection?  As far as I'm concerned it is something utterly unattainable in everything humanly done.  God is the only one that creates perfection.
I will simply ask that we're all on the same page and that we keep open and clear communication.  I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well.  I'm learning to do all that I do with the effort that to Him is the glory, truly where it is due.
Okay, so this probably makes NO SENSE to you, but I feel so much better being here and spilling some words onto this page.  Thanx for listening, okay, reading.


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