Friday, March 30, 2012

Takin' Five on Friday - Gift

I haven't taken a five minute break in several weeks for this.  Today is different.  Today the gray gloomy weather outside mirrors the sadness in my heart.
A friend lost his father yesterday.
A cousin's battle with cancer ended yesterday.
A little boy's family is spending the most precious week of his life with him, his last one.

Five minutes on her prompt of "gift", here goes.

A gift - something given willingly to someone without payment, a present.

Perhaps the most precious gift we've all been given is our Father's love.
Unconditionally, unequivocally, preciously, pricelessly given to us.

He has given us life.  The ability to live, love, make choices, come and go, grow and be.  He gives us as a gift to our parents.  They didn't earn or buy the right to be our parents, He just gave us into our families.  Gifted us into the time and place where He wanted us.  Gifted us with the talents and abilities that He designed for us.  He gifted some of us siblings, some of us not.  He gifted us into adoption, as a first born, second born, seventh born, or only child.  He gifted us with long lives, short lives, quiet lives and crazy lives.  Where you live - city, country, mountains, desert, America, Africa, islands, whatever corner of this globe you're on, that is a gift as well.  Enjoy these things about your life.  This is who you are, only you, no one else is you, has lived as you have.

We're all His gift to this world.
Jack, a good man, a friend to many, God's gift to the world.
Karen, an amazing woman with a heart of gold, God's gift to the world.
TJ, a young boy with a short time to shine the light of God's love, God's gift to this world.
Stella, a sweet young girl celebrating a miracle FIFTH birthday this week, God's gift to this world.

 You and I, God's gifts to this world.  Our struggles are important to our Father.  Use your gifted life to reach out and love on others.  We are not alone in this world.  Do not carry your burden alone, let it go and let God have it.  It is His gift to you, grace poured out, washing away the sins of this life and having Jesus take that burden for you.

Here and now, rejoice in your gifts.  Rejoice in the mountain of dirty laundry (do I HAVE to!!??!!), count the blessings in the sink full or dirty dishes (ugg...), see the beautiful gift of a clean bathroom (but we have 5 boys here!), dust blessings and love throughout the house and bookshelves (achooo), sweep the floor of stagnant ingratitude right out the door (good-bye).  Then go outside and weed the garden and bless the garden of your heart as well, take time to find some fresh flowers to smell and listen to the birds singing and know that, again, these are more of God's gifts to you (yes, you!).

I went on for more than five minutes, no I didn't edit, I did just let it spill out.  Hopefully it doesn't need some major grammatical fixing, and if it does, oh well.
Go, be God's gift to this world.  Be you, only you, don't try to change who you are to fit what someone thinks they want.  God wants you as you, He set it up that way, so go with it.  There are so many of us that love you for exactly who you are anyway.


  1. I like this- be who God created you to be...not anything else. He knows best! :)

    & I'm glad you said you wrote for more than 5 min, because I was thinking...she really must type fast! ha.

    1. Thank you!! For being a gift to me by being here, you have no idea how much I appreciate it!

  2. I love this. IF we really think of ourselves as God's gift to the world, then we will be more intentional about how we live our short days here. May God bless and comfort the families of your friends who are suffering grief right now.

    1. :o) It does change the way I look at things to realize that I am the perfect gift to my world, right here, right now. Thanx for stopping and gifting me with your presence and encouragement, priceless, completely priceless to me!