Friday, May 4, 2012

Takin' Five on Friday - Real

On real, really, I LOVE this!!


I just had this conversation with a girlfriend tonight that I love the other moms that make me feel normal.  You know the normal I'm talking about.  The oh, yeah, I lost my cool this morning because the first thing the kids did post waking up was start fighting over (fill in your blank) and I was "not in the mood" and ripped into them growling, "this is NOT how we start our day!"
Oh yeah, that's the REAL I love, the real that reminds us we're all moms that reached the end of the rope occasionally and have to hug out an apology with the sweet son and dear daughter caught in the moment. Also remembering those happy husbands that we scowl and growl at because, yup, that's also what happens when we don't communicate EVERY DETAIL.  I remind myself that my husband is just another member of the so sad husband club, going to bed alone because, no, I'm just not in the mood or maybe I do have a headache.

Okay so it's now 12:00am

But I'm on the couch, in what feels like 80 degrees with a boy finally passed out on my lap, listening to DH snore away and what's sad is that I'm HERE typing away on the phone instead of sound asleep resting up for day three of three Tulip Time 2012.
Ah, so real.



  1. I get and I give a lot of love to parents and thank you for love and putting your kids first. I'a, not a parent yet, but I understand what ones go through, through experiences of helping other mothers. this is where my post is at.

    1. Thank you!!! It was a few (ahem) days ago that you stopped by but I'm glad you did!! Love your blog, it makes me smile. :o)