Friday, August 17, 2012

Takin' Five on Friday - Stretch

It seems as though this five minutes I ever take to write over here.  That makes me sad, in some ways.
Anyway off to take my turn after Lisa Jo does the prompting. As always, thankful to be here and to have you stop by.

I ponder on stretching past my comfort zones often.
I rarely do it, but I ponder it a lot. A LOT.
I'm getting better about it but it's so easy to stay where it's comfortable and safe that it makes it quite tough.
Once again I sit in the quiet and enjoy this moment (I'm camping with the five kiddos tonight) of peace after another day come and gone.
I love my job...the wife/mom/sister/daughter/woman/being me one.
I spend my day watching others as well. Watching how their lives are impacted by everything around them. That is making me more passionate about my "other" job, the one as part of The Finding Freedom Team.
We all deserve amazing things and we'll never have them without stretching once in a while.
10:17 (I ran long, that's what happens when I do this from my smartphone.) ;0)

Have a blessedly beautiful weekend!!

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  1. Hi Nicki! I found myself nodding along with you here... yep, seems these days I only blog on five minute fridays! Yep, I so prefer staying where it's comfortable and just THINKING about stepping out of the comfortable rather than doing it. But then, God has His ways of dragging me out...

    A Finding Freedom Team sounds like it must be wonderful... enjoy your pondering and may it lead to the actual stretching out when it's time!