Friday, February 1, 2013

Did You Know

Did you know that the air quality in your home is five to seven times worse than outside?
Did you know that clearing you home of the toxin load can help you lose weight? (Yes, it slows down you metabolism!)
Did you know that it is not only cleaners but also bathroom products, laundry detergent and even fabric sheets that have chemicals that lead to cancer, allergies, skin issues and other illnesses?
Did you know that there is more than 30 different names for Formaldehyde that manufacturers use to “mask” what is in their products?
Did you know that Tide is the number one cause of eczema?
Did you know that in a manufacturing plant where detergent is bottled if there is a spill they have to evacuate?
Try clearing out your home!
Are you using Cascade in your dishwasher, we have Diamond Brite.  Try it for a month and see the difference with none of the chemicals and toxins.
What shampoo are you using? Pantene, Suave, Herbal Essences, Nioxin, Aveda? Try Affinia or Sei Bella and feel good knowing that you aren’t massaging toxins into your scalp every morning.
What about Pledge? Spray cleaners like this one are believed to cause some skin cancers.
Johnson & Johnson, everyone knows those baby baths, lotions and shampoos, but while it smells great many children products are tainted with Formaldehyde, which causes cancer and leukemia.
What do you use on your floor? Swiffer? Did you know that the cleaners used on your floor come into contact with the people and animals of your house constantly? Don’t let your family get sick, try Tough and Tender instead.
Are you using Resolve on stains? Why not try our non-caustic options.
Are you using Crest to brush? That tingly feeling isn’t actually making you any healthier.
CoverGirl or Revlon? Did you realize that using these and other common make-up brands means you’re rubbing chemicals directly on to the most porous part of your body?
Did you know that families that take a “good” vitamin could reduce their risk for cancer, allergies (yes, even allergies), heart disease, leukemia, obesity, arthritis and ADHD…the list goes on and on!  If you’re taking Gummies, One A Day, Centrium or a generic version you body is unable to absorb the nutrients. Try Vitality for a month and feel the difference!
Do everything in your power to minimize your family’s risk!!
What don’t the labels tell?
Label information is directed at “acute” or immediate effects only. You are not given information about “chronic” or long-term hazards of chemical products, such as cancer or birth defects. Think about how many products in your home have a “Keep out of reach of children” warning on them. If they are harmful, then we should seriously consider using them. There are other concerns about labels as well.  Some products contain ingredients that have not been officially recognized by the federal government as hazardous, but yet are still cause for concern. “inert” ingredients are chemicals added as “carriers” for the active ingredients in cleaners and pesticides.  Only a percentage of the inert ingredients are required on the label, not their identity. Some inert ingredients are hazardous.
There is not standardized list of chemical names.  Many chemicals have numerous trade and/or scientific names. This makes it hard for you to compare products.  Antidotes listed on the label may be incomplete, out-of-date or even dangerously wrong.  According to a 1984 report by the National Academy of Sciences, less than 2 percent of all new and existing chemicals have been tested sufficiently to allow a complete health hazard assessment.  Also, many labels do not tell you how to dispose of a product safely. The use of the term “non-toxic” is for advertising only.  It has no regulatory definition by the federal government.

Why Switch Stores?
To can guarantee a safer home. The examples above are just a FEW to show how we have to take charge of our family’s health and homes.  Switching stores is the first step to making a great life for yourself and your family!  Do you know anyone who…has kids, isn’t a fan of Wal-Mart, makes the big trek to health food stores, has allergies, asthma, cancer, skin issues, bloody noses, eczema, acne, arthritis (to name a few things we “live with” because doctors say there’s only so much we can do to “help”) or wants to live life healthy?

Email me today, only if you're ready to make a change.

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