Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Privilege to Choose

We are blessed to live in a society that gives us the right to choose about every aspect of our lives. This is such a blessing and at times even a curse.  We are surrounded by marketing and promotions that bombard us with a hundred options of any given thing.
Here's the problem with that. We have no idea what to actually use. Say you face ADHD, eczema, autism, psoriasis, stress, adrenal fatigue, hormonal fatigue, depression, diabetes or any other health issue in the face. What do you do? Talk to your doctor. What do they do? Write a prescription or ignore you. (I was ignored.) Here's my problem with that, that's not getting to the root of the plight. It's not figuring out the cause of the situation.
You have real options, I had real options. I had to research them and keep going when no one believed I had hit perimenopause in my 20s but simple truth was I had. The birth control I was on only caused more problems and likely an abortion or two but I was never warned of that either. I was frustrated to my eyeballs because I knew something was wrong but no one would help me figure out what. When my child is covered in eczema, raging in misery and the other one is battling round upon round of staph infection what did the doc tell me about what was going on and how to clear these problems out of my home? Some people are just prone to this stuff. You can clean and disinfect with bleach but it's likely that you'll just be facing this for life.
Once I finally took my health into my own hands and started my Vitality vitamins my body started to return to normal. Since I had switched stores to buy vitamins I started cleaning house of my cleaners and personal care products. Swapped out the kid's shampoo and laundry detergent and buh-bye eczema and psoriasis. Amazingly I clean with these cleaners instead of bleach and we no longer battle staph infections. Our allergies? Practically nil, very rare does anything get at us, our bodies are too strong now. The slight asthma tendencies I showed? Not anymore.
I took a kiddo to the ER on a Saturday about a month ago with what was the onset of an ear infection. Result? There's a little fluid in his ears. Here's a prescription to fill, if it gets worse and we were sent on our way. I used my 'tug on the ear' trick all weekend and Monday I took him to our AWESOME chiropractor to get him a quick adjustment. All better. I took littlest brother battling a sinus infection something or other for nearly a week to the chiro and within two days everything was cleared out and gone. Why chiro? He won't take any antibiotic I'd get him anyway, so let's actually FIX the issue instead of band-aiding over it.
Yes choose other options. We're so careful about diet and what we are eating lets be equally mindful about all the other stuff we're consuming. Instead of reaching for a pill do some research on essential oils. This is a field I'm only just stepping into but WOW can I tell you, what an amazing field of health resources we have available. My blood sugar is awful. Pre-diabetic? Probably. With simply 24 hours of using essential oils I feel some freedom from the sugar highs and lows that have been plaguing me as of late. Absolutely serious here.
You have the privilege to choose how to regulate your health. Please, please choose wisely. I will happily walk this road with you. I am very passionate about this because I have seen the affects this is having in my own life, my family's life. You deserve the same!
God has blessed me with this and I will happily bless you with it too! The least we can do with this life He has given us is to use it to care for His other children. I thank Him every day for sending me stumbling into this world that I am now happily striding through.


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