Saturday, March 30, 2013

Through Sickness

There is nothing like a bout of sickness to test your strength.  Sicknesses come in many forms these days and test like nothing has ever tested us before.  Of late we aren't facing anything all that tough or scary, the stomach bug is no fun but it is manageable.  Tuesday evening middle child couldn't keep supper down and we spent twelve hours making dealing with the upset tummy.  Finally come Friday evening he was returning to "normal" and this morning he was doing great. This morning numbers four and five aren't feeling so hot though.  One has made a couple trips to the bathroom and soaked in the tub a few times while the other has pretty much sat dazed and the couch.  I have a feeling it could be much worse but I am thankful that things are manageable.
So many around us are facing major health issues.  Things that not only brought their world to a screeching halt but turned it upside down as well.  While I am tired from doing laundry and disinfecting things I am thankful that it is only the stomach bug.  I am thankful that I can pray for my friends that are walking through their sicknesses and trying times.  I am thankful that God blesses us in small humbling ways that remind us we are weak.
We are weak.  This is not a horrible thing it is just something that reminds us to lean on Him.  Through the good and the bad, through the days we feel strong and powerful or the days that we feel weak and lost.
When we marry we vow, through sickness and health.  When we begin a family we silently vow, through sickness and health.  When our friends become family and that family needs us, we vow, through sickness and health.  When God created us in His image He vowed, through sickness and health.  He is there for us through it all.  Remember that.  He is there for you, through it all.  You are never alone, that is His truest promise.


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