Sunday, March 13, 2011

OTG - 9

Entitled...oh how easy it is to feel so.  Without thought my entitled attitude shines through in even the smallest moments of my day.  It adds validation to my 'poor martyr me' feelings.  I am amazed to look back through my days, weeks, months and see it for what it was.  That is humbling, knowing that I brought a lot of anguish and hurt feelings upon myself.  It is interesting to watch my actions with my children and see them for what they are and how I'm teaching them the same bad habits without even realizing what's happening.
Only self can kill joy...humbly let go of having 'my way' and let God do things His way.  He does after all have my best interests at heart being a good God giving of endless gifts in love.  These words from Ann's heart to mine are enough to wake me up, yet again, from the dark corners where my mind was sleeping and missing out on all the gifts I'm surrounded by.  Thanx, Ann!!!
'Thy will be done', oh what beautiful words.  Deo Volente - the Latin phrase for 'God's will be done' I learned this and it is a sentiment that I include it in many things that I write.  I pray quite often for God's will instead of health, safe travels, rest or whatever it may be.  For He knows even the number of hairs on my head, and anything that should happen to me not without the will of my Father.  Same as that of my children and dearest friends.  What wonderful comfort I can take in that.  Let me use that knowledge to find the smallest of joys in a blessing filled life.
Praying with my eyes wide open, hands cupped and open for Him to fill.  Not just my cup runneth over but the saucer is flooded and running over as well.  No to expectations, no to entitlement, no to being alone.  Yes to God, yes to what was, what is and what is to come.  Yes to eucharisteo, yes, yes, yes...  I can do ALL things through Him that strengthens me, because He is a good God providing all that I have.  A great God that I will bend low to praise and raise up my hands in prayers to.

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