Thursday, March 10, 2011

A quiver full?!?!?!

This is my response to someone else's writing.  I felt compelled to save it here and share my heart with you.  Smile, yes you should, it's a beautiful thing!!

Okay...I read this when it was first shared by Ann Voskamp and have stopped by again to connect with you again.  Can I say I laughed so hard at the you know what causes that question and response.  Belly laughed first and I'm still smiling thinking about it.  Anyway, we have five tornados tearing through the house every day with three loved pipsqueaks waiting in heaven for us.  I didn't plan on a large family and didn't really 'leave it to God' either if I really think about it.  I did know that whatever I had and when was really God's will though, not mine.  How do I know this?  We were given the surprise of expecting our first within two months of our first date...yup the first time we 'connected' (heehee) God had plans for us.  The wedding we had (already) talked about was moved ahead by a year so that he was able to come home to us together.  A couple of years later when we were ready for another we had our first miscarriage on Valentine's day.  Told to wait 3-6 months before we "tried again", led us to having a Christmas gift in the form of a howling boy proving to me that while I vowed not to spend Christmas in the hospital it really isn't up to me.
Then again we thought we could have another us two more pregnancies and now angels in heaven.  All the while my head spins at what is life as I know it.  We have the blessing of b/g twins in 2008 which lead everyone to ask if we're done, to which I say 'if God thinks so...' because at that point I had learned that if you want to hear laughter you tell God your plans.  No, I am serious here.  I was always quite relieved that my boys were three years apart and thought it a blessing that the twins were a bit over four years after number two.  I had no idea how people functioned with kiddos 12, 15, 18 months apart.  Hence my take on God's laughter.  After the duo arrived DH made his doctor appointment to take care of things on his end.  Laughingly I came to bed one night to share the news of the day like we always do.  I said oh guess who's gonna be having a baby...he named some of our friends and I said oh not that I know of but we are.  His face was priceless!!  The duo and number five are 14 months apart and I still have NO IDEA how we function either...hahahaha.
So just goes to show that birth control, avoiding DH or whatever you try, you could end up with another gift from God.  Also goes to show that you can try for years every possible option to get pregnant and not.  It's so not up to us.  I saw a earlier post that the woman feels slighted because her hubby went and got 'fixed' without her blessing, but dear love you're not listening to his heart any better than he did to yours.  Those surgeries don't guarantee anything, I know this because my DH doctor warned us when he had his done.  Who knows what He has planned for us!?!?!?  I am a true believer that ALL children are a gift from the Lord.  Planned, surprise, number one, number five, IVF, miscarried, preemie, disabled...ALL life comes through Him and only because He gifts it to us that way.
So the earlier poster that said if all you see is what isn't there then you're not seeing what is there.  I will agree with you there, kinda like not seeing the forest for the trees in the way.  The number doesn't matter because honestly we don't control it.  We might think we do, but let me laugh at you because I've learned that He was laughing at me once, but now I've learned to laugh WITH Him.  Every single one of us Christian hearted should take time to remember that He has plans for us, those which we cannot fathom nor understand and He does the same for our neighbors, brothers and sisters in Christ, that we don't forget to support each other whatever may come.
It's not about me or you, it's about Him.  It's not about thumping the Bible and quoting "quiver full" because that means different things to all of us.  I don't just see it as procreation in my house but I also feel that it's about filling His quiver with His family, adopting them to bring them home, volunteering to give them His love or becoming a shepherd so that we might gather them and guard them from the dark of night.  We are His children and so let us fill His quiver, it is our responsibility to glorify Him in ALL that we do.
As you go about your day keep that in mind.  I think any one of us could find offense to something written here...even my words I'm sure.  God's gift to us is free will and We each use it differently but please keep in mind that if you haven't something nice to say maybe you shouldn't say it.  It is quite sad when we call ourselves Christians but let Satan run off with our tongue.  Life is not easy, doesn't have to be when I have support from my beautiful friends like you!!!
Deo Volente to you that share His quiver with me...
LuvNHugz - SupportNPrayerz
NMV in Iowa

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