Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Thoughts, words, comments, that what it is lately.  Ramblings jumping from one topic to the next.  From one concern to another random joy moment.  I have yet to finish my OTG book.  I already lent it out.  Go figure, now I feel like I'm suffering from withdrawals.  Withdrawals from the peace that Ann and the Bloom group members' words bring to me. 
I love not feeling so very alone anymore.  I realize now that I was.  I live in a full house surrounded by friends, family and the rest of my world but I was lost.  Overwhelmed by all these gifts from God and not even seeing them as such.  I was seeing them as obstacles to come through.  I was attempting to be grateful for all these gifts but instead of feeling God's warm loving light radiating from them I was standing in the shadows they cast.
I was also missing this.  I haven't been taking my time with Him to reflect and capture my thoughts either.  My list will begin to grow again, my focus is once again recentered on the one thing truly important.  Living a life to glorify God.
This way when I share my words I won't feel slighted when someone loses the article or clicks on past my link.  I do this for Him, I want this for me so that I do what I do for Him.  Encouraging words, a supporting presence, comforting touches, I do them for Him because He loves me unconditionally and does the same for those around me.  Let me have a servant heart that I might show others that same unconditional love.

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