Thursday, March 3, 2011

OTG - 7

The well is always there and I choose not to see it...will the complaining, exasperation, anger, yelling and resentment really get me where I want to go faster and provide me with more than joy and eucharisteo will???
These are the words rolling around in my head after this chapter.  It might have been a day in my life, the way Ann started sharing the ugly eucharisteo moment in her kitchen.  With five crazy amazing kiddos surrounding me each day we have those moments.  I love seeing how all of our families really are quite similar.  I love how Ann is willing to share her family's ugly eucharisteo moment with the rest of us.  It reminds me that everyone has these ugly eucharisteo moments not just us in our house in grand old Iowa.
It also reminds me that Satan is hard at work distracting us from the beauty in our day.  He (Satan) would much prefer the angry words, hurting hearts and solitary sadness to the prayers with eyes wide open and unending eucharisteo.  It is with Ann's encouraging words and my new friends that I'm finding the strength to see those moments just as they are...only toast...only a cry for hug...only a need for a quiet talk between just the two of us.  I am starting a new routine today.  When those moments arise I'm going to tell myself 'be quick to love, faster to hug and eager to recognize the eucharisteo'.  The knowledge of these beautiful moments coming my way is enough to brighten my day!
While my list is slow to grow I'm taking the time to capture the ugly and hard things on it too.  Those too are what make up my life, it is my responsibility to be grateful for each precious detail of that life.  On my list today I include my fellow book clubbers because with only my fancy schmancy smartphone I cannot watch the vimeo recordings so your comments give me the extra ponderings that would I miss out on until I get back onto a computer.  Thanks Ann, you are changing the world one heart at a time, many blessings on you and yours!


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