Wednesday, February 23, 2011

OTG - 6

This was a hard one for me.  Hard for me to wrap my mind around the words and the experiences Ann was having.  The moon chasing, yeah, I've sorta done that.  Grabbed the camera to snap a picture of the storm rolling in, showing God's amazing power, snapped a picture of the sun setting with it's rainbow of color, bathing our countryside in His glorious gift.  Captured the moment of my kids enjoying their breathless lives.
As I read though, I struggled to connect to the words.  What do I want?  What do I want?  I want to connect with Him in all that I'm doing.  The discussion helped me sort this out.  At the end where she writes that the only way to pray unceasingly is to pray with your eyes wide open is what strikes me.  It's not just the getting on my knees or finding the quiet times for devotions, it's about being in each moment and acknowledging Him in it.  I'm opening up to those discussions with Him while my hands are deep in the dishwater or folding the piles of laundry.  I'm becoming more aware of those moments that I can sing my heart out while I'm driving and check the mirror to see my kiddos enjoying the song as much as I am and knowing that in that moment we are seeing the beauty of what He's given us.
It's the connection to Him that's building.  The ability to see Him in all that's around me, the stark trees and landscape that go with a true Iowa winter.  There is beauty in it all, knowing that spring is coming and with that comes new life.  New life that He gives, wants us to see, love and enjoy.  It's a circle, a beautiful circle that we might usher one precious moment out so that He might greet us with a beautiful new experience today.
Find His glory in a million ways around you today.  Be thankful for the heart with which you can love Him back by enjoying this life.  Feel the joy, the joy He gives to you for being so thankful and precious in His sight.

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