Thursday, February 17, 2011

OTG - 1

I have been brought to a book club discussion about the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  So, as I said, the whole handwriting a diary or whatnot does not fare well with me, so here is where I will be capturing my thoughts during this adventure.
This book is already speaking to me.  It's connecting with me in ways that have been slowly coming about over the last few months.  Reflecting back upon some of the recent posts I have made as of late, these thoughts were tumbling around in my mind before I had the chance to enjoy the words written by Ann.  I have begun to see the beauty in a life full of trials and experiences.  Life is never promised to be easy, but it is known to be worth it - well worth it.  I am hoping to continue to grow with this knowledge and be able to be a compass of sorts for my children as they grow that they may also find their true North in God.  For without His guidance where would I be anyway?  Any drive through the mountains is full of hairpin curves, steep drop offs and yet the most breathtaking of views.  May it be in those moments of my hesitant steps that I remember to glorify Him in the choices that I'm making.  Remind me to see the good of God in the good and bad, beautiful and ugly of my every day walk.
Deo Volente

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