Friday, February 11, 2011

To Quit or Not To Quit

That is the question.  We all have those days where it's just over the top, frustrating, annoying, irritating, too much and we want to walk away.  How about vent, yell and scream?  Will it do any good?  No really, you might feel better in the moment, but in the end once the yelling, fighting, abandoning or whatever is done, is everything 'fixed'?
Probably not.  Sorry, but it's true.  The problem is still there.  There's the story of the little boy with an anger problem.  He's told to take a nail and hammer it into the fence every time he wants to blow up.  Later the fence is full of nails and when he pulls all the nails out the fence is full of scars.  This is the simple truth of anger and it's after effects.  Anger makes wounds and leaves scars that are not easily fixed or forgotten.  Another simple thought... if there is a burr under the horses saddle and the horse is acting up, do you rant, rave and beat the horse for being uncooperative?  Does that help or fix the problem?  Nope,  you have to fix the situation by taking the time to figure out what's wrong and then once you find the burr remove it.
So to quit or not to quit.  Really it's that simple  When the going gets tough toss in the towel and walk away or dig deep for the reserves of strength that is at your core?  It's not just quitting, it's the handling of the problem.  If a baby falls the first time he stands up, he doesn't give up, he just tries again.  If you crashed your bike the first time you rode it you didn't stomp, scream and pout, well maybe you did, but you got back on to try again.  If you failed the driver permit test the first time you took it and that was it, there would be WAY less drivers on the road, maybe that would be a good thing... just kidding.  There's so many instances like these.
James 3 - Go read it.  Do you see verse 2 where it says: We all stumble in many ways.  Yup, we all do.  Read the whole chapter once, twice, stop and ponder what it means to you.  So take pause next time you're overwhelmed by the situation at hand.  Before you blow your top at the broken part, respond with careless words to what someone else has done or whatever it is you do when you react to the moment you're in.  Take a step back, ask for a minute to breathe and acknowledge that life isn't easy.  Take heart that life is about how we react to these things.  A wise man (or woman) doesn't leave shattered pieces of life in his or her wake, but finds a way to glorify the Lord in all they do.
We're surrounded by challenges every day and rather than let them dictate to us how it's going to be, let us dictate to the world what the possibilities are.  There is beauty in the broken things around us.  Yes, look for it around you every day.  Take time to find the special blessings in each moment.  Please do, because you never know if it's your last chance to.

Deo Volente...
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