Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OTG - 3

Oh how easy it is to fall into living a life of ingratitude.  We can talk the big talk about having an attitude of gratitude.  Talk is cheap and can be very worthless sometimes.  It is also difficult to take in each part of each moment and see it for the gift from God that it is.  How easy it is to be in the moment of life with kids on my lap trying to read a story and rather than appreciating their closeness I'm worried about their elbows in my side and bony bottoms on my knees.  Gos is good and He provides us with so much.  The good, the great and the memorable, including the free will to decide the view with which we look at all of it.  God loves us so much He sent His son to pay for our sins and through that experience He has walked the walk we are taking and viewed life on earth too.
Take time to appreciate ALL that life is giving you.

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