Friday, February 4, 2011

Amazing God

I had no idea.  Really, I didn't.  I'm kind of ashamed to admit it.  I always, almost always, noticed the beauty around me.  You know, the rolling storm clouds, the pure white blanket of fresh snow.  How about the snow days when everyone is forced to stay home and make a few memories together.  You know, the ones of games or meals that you wouldn't have had otherwise.  Rather than them being owley and growley, see the precious, priceless beauty in the memories.  What of the beauty in words from a friend.  The phone call that comes at just the right moment.  Running into a friend that you haven't talked to in weeks at the grocery store.  The facebook post that makes you smile.
He is in all of those moments and so many more.  Are you taking the time to notice Him?  In the rainbows and the rain, in the hugs you receive, in the smiles you share.  What about that email that comes with a message that hits you in the heart, speaking to you about the moment you're living.  The magazine article you stumble upon while waiting forever for your appointment.  Even in the news and shows on television.  Look for Him, watch for His influence.
God speaks to us in so many ways are you open to hear Him?  So often we're going about our daily to-do list and juggling the tasks, wheres and whens of life that we forget to 'be'.  Be?  Yeah, be there, in the moment, be there enjoying it, taking it in and filing it away to have in our heart's memory.  Be there, where ever you are, stuck on the side of the road, waiting in traffic, cuddling on the couch, around the table with your family at supper or alone with only God as your companion.
Find God in the moments of life.  Talk to Him while you wait, have an unending conversation through the day.  You don't have to just pray at certain times, you don't have to be on your knees when you do.  I find myself talking to Him while I'm doing dishes, folding laundry, driving down the road, seems like if something comes up I just start talking.  Other times I'm learning to just listen.
I've said before things are changing.  I'm feeling His guidance to prepare myself for what's coming.  I'm filled with an excitement like no other knowing that He's got such great plans for me, yes me.  I feel so loved that He loves me with no bounds and has me in the palm of His hands with great plans for me and my whole family.  I'm also seeing that while I may not hear a booming voice from the heavens He is talking to me.  God talks in ways that we can barely understand.  Only because we rarely take the time to listen for Him and look for His message.
I've been looking and listening for Him, quite intently is my pursuit of following Him.  He amazes me, He is there for me everywhere I turn.  The emails that come with tidbits of encouragement.  The people I meet are filling me with connection to Him.  My life has changed drastically from where I was this time last year not to mention two years ago.  I cannot quote many bible verses, though I have several favorites.  I may not be in the mission fields, but I am reaching my children hoping and praying to lead them into God centered lives.  For me, right now, I am where I am and that is right where God wants me to be.  You know, yesterday for the first time I noticed how beautiful the church is in the sunrise, how amazing the beauty of the early rays of light reflecting off the stained glass windows.
Find Him.  Look for Him.  Listen for His whispers.  Feel His arm around you.  He is creating this day for you, do everything you do to glorify Him.  Honor Him by being thankful for it all the good, the bad, the ugly, because when you turn around and see it in the bright morning sunlight or in the soothing calm of the sunset it is gorgeous and beautiful beyond words.  Yes, honestly.  The most gorgeous of mosaic picture is made of thousands of shards of glass, on it's own it's just a small broken piece of glass, put them together they're the perfect picture.  Of your life?  Maybe, just maybe.  Why?  Because it's you and it's all for Him and His loving servants - us.
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