Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OTG - 4

Life is NOT an emergency, God's presence is in the present and we need to live right here in THIS moment.  Life as we have it is fleeting.  Time comes and goes in the blink of an eye.  The life we live can last years, months and even days, some mothers only get their babies for hours sometimes.  Live in those moments.  Appreciate the fullness of life and the things we have and can do.  Attention to the details lets us savor the moments and that's what our life deserves, savoring.
God's gifts to us are everywhere.  He gives us so much because He loves us so much.  Don't miss out on the love He has because you are running so fast that you don't see the beauty of your life for what it is.  Life isn't an emergency, you need not run from the fire into the pan.  You're just missing out on the moments when you do.  I'm not saying to eliminate all that you're doing, just take the time to enjoy it.  These are the things you want to do, so enjoy them.  Take in the moments and savor them, enjoy them like the precious and priceless gifts that they are.
Start your list of 1000 things if you haven't yet.  Attention to details is what people love about a good job done, love that about what God is doing for you.


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