Friday, February 18, 2011

OTG - 2

“One sin brought condemnation on all, and through one death, redemption came for all.”  Lisa Easterling  - WOW!!!!  This is a comment from a gal after the post/discussion of chapter two of One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.
Wow, yep, this book has changed my thoughts so much already!  I don't think I ever really listened to what Jesus had to say about me.  No, I'm serious.  I may have heard it, may have hoped that He acknowledged my work and thought is was good.  But I honestly don't think I listened and felt it.  The other names have drowned it all out.  I remember a day that my dad called me a bitch, told me to go look it up in the dictionary, then proceeded to tell me it meant female dog and for many years I have remembered that moment and wondered why he thought that of me.  What did I do to him to warrant such an ugly moment?  From here out I will listen to my Father, the one who loves me unconditionally, through all of my life.  It is the one thing I need to focus on every day and then give thanksgiving for.  Why?  Because I am not perfect, I am flawed and I have my own ugly moments, but He loves me anyway.  He loves me enough to know the beauty of the whole picture, the dark holes and the bright light, for without the mix of the two there is no beauty in the collage of life.
Today, in this moment is my opportunity to begin living a life of thanksgiving.  Eucharisteo - grace, thanksgiving, joy - thanksgiving always precedes the miracle.  Follow the example of Jesus.
We may not have everything but God always provides us with enough.  It is with that knowledge that I walk this path of life, knowing that I don't have to search for the beauty beyond my front door, I just need to acknowledge that it's right here at my fingertips.


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