Friday, June 3, 2011

Takin' Five on Friday

And Gypsy Mama prompts me again with: Every Day

Hmm, this is a little breath, that I take and write at least once a day.  Every day my smart phone automatically switches it to Him.  What a great reminder!  I love that little reminder that reaches out to me whenever I’m breathing in and thinking about what’s next that He is the first thing to reference while I’m doing it.  Every day I have a list, you know the kind, who, what, where, when and how kind of stuff.  Today’s includes finishing mowing the yard, burning trash, working in the garden, school cleaning for a while and a baseball game.  Those are just the ‘big’ things.  My list never includes the beauty of the moments like when big, big brother gets up and walks around the house (72 degree house) wrapped in a blanket that little, big brother grabs himself a blankie coming to me asking to be wrapped up.  Hence the picture of two boys smiling shyly as I love the moment and try to capture it forever.

Every day.  The every days of life are filled with so much!  I’m striving to make sure mine are filled with love, faith, encouragement, peace and so much more.  I want my days to be beautiful.  I want my children to have days filled with love.  Every day?  Yep, we have those, but more important is today!

And as a dear friend would say – and scene!  Wow, this whole not editing it is HARD!!!  I type on auto and edit almost before I have it typed.  Hmm, or Him?

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