Friday, July 8, 2011

Takin' Five on Friday - Grateful

Oh, where do I start?
There's a quick million to be thankful for but here's my top picks.
A husband, I'm not walking this road of life alone, making the hard decisions and steps without a partner.  I have love for those that do.
My children, all five of the crazy, chaos, messy, cuddly, cute, trouble making, loving, individuals that God has given me.
My extended family (this includes my friends as I draw no lines) whether you are by blood or by choice I am so blessed to have you in my life.
My home, a shelter from the storms, a haven of the peace that I make it.
Last but certainly not least my faith. For without that I would not see the beauty that surrounds me every day.  I would not have the peaceful comfort in my truest Father that loves me even though I am me.  I would not have the simple strength to get through each of the heavy hearted gloomy days that are waiting in my path.
Oh so much to be grateful for...

Time's up!

Oh and I know my time is done but I must say thank YOU.  If no one reads this or you find time to read it, thanx for encouraging me, you may not realize it, but you do.  ;0)


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