Monday, July 4, 2011

Takin Five on Friday

Several days late because my blogger apparently for android was unhappy for the last while...

Since I haven't gotten regular at writing anything else, I'm using this five minute "challenge" of sorts as a start place.
Gypsy Mama prompts us with WONDER today, so here goes.

Wonder, this always makes me think on the things awe inspiring in my life.  The stuff my life is made of.  I wonder at how God is so absolutely amazing and has chosen me for all these special blessings.  J, A, M, M, Q.  Eleven years of chaos with DH.  Sometimes I wonder why me, and then I realize that its simply because that is how He wants it to be.  He has all these amazing and awesome plans that I will happily dance in wonder each day and ask, why not me, instead.  In His plans and in His time all things great and beautiful through us for His glory.

Time.  Thanx for reminding me to count my blessings!!

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