Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Privilege of Time

Looking up the word privilege in the dictionary will tell you that it means a special right or advantage granted or available to only a select person or group.  Huh, I’ve never really thought about it before but that is what life is, the privilege of time.  I was given this amazing gift by the Lord, this privilege of time that is gifted only to me, a life full of moments, experiences and memories that is unique to me.  Each day is full of these gifts.  I have not always recognized them as gifts it has taken me years of trial and error, stumbling into this wisdom.

I am starting to see my life for what it is, a specific privilege of time.  Time spent growing up with young parents while they spent early years together becoming adults.  Being the oldest grandchild on one branch of the family tree while dancing in the middle on the other side.  Becoming a big sister after eight years of solitary child blessings.  Moving and growing, as my parents stretched their wings and set out on their own adventures taking us to a new home away from home.  Time spent working in high school at a job that most gals wouldn’t.  Hours spent repeating the same thing as what you did the day before while working in the factory.  Saying countless hellos over the customer service lines that taught me that the affect of the full moon does matter.  Finally meeting someone that God showed me I couldn’t live without.  Our oldest was born ten months after our first date.  Yup, I’ll admit that because God works in wonderful ways!  The privilege of time is that I was married to my sweet heart six and a half months after our first date and while we thought our first year together was craziness it hasn’t slowed down yet.  Some of my sweetest privileges of time were carrying the babes that God blessed us with.  There are five here that I got to feel grow and kick for months and watch every day.  There are three dancing in heaven because I was only blessed to know them for a few weeks.

Those are the some of the significant privileges, the memories in time that I reflect on often.  We recently finished VBS here in our little country church.  I am repeatedly blessed to have a part in blessing these children with God’s message in their life.  This year I felt especially blessed.  I had the privilege of spending time with Miss Stella.  She is a beautiful little girl that has the unique privilege of SMA.  As with the rest of us walking through life on earth her days are numbered.  What is special is that many count them as another day to be blessed with her presence.  I was beyond excited to know that I was going to get to spend a few short mornings with her.  I could never thank her family and God enough for giving me those hours.  I’m usually slow to step outside of my comfort zone, but for this week I was more than happy to jump out and help her dance to the music.  I write with tears in my eyes remembering the simple joy of making her fingerprint flower picture frame and singing the grow, grow, grow song with her.  I have held this family in my heart from afar for four years.  I now have been blessed with the amazing privilege of time spent with her, watching her smile, reading the thoughts in her eyes and sharing love with her.

There is so much more that I don’t reflect upon often enough.  It is all of these small moments that I’m truly learning to see as the privileges of time.  The time spent getting groceries, sorting laundry, washing dishes, listening to children (whatever mood they’re in), sweeping the floor (again), it’s all the things I do every day that are the privileges of the time that God has given me.

I enjoy taking the time to write, another privilege of time.  A post such as this can take me a few days as I spin my thoughts in a few quiet seconds here and there.  I just posted one that I spent a week on and then wound up not getting posted for nearly another week.  I also posted a link to a song.  It’s an amazing song the words really spoke to my heart and even though it was just the first time I’d heard it, I couldn’t help but find a way to share it.  Someone took time to write the song, another took time to record it, someone else chose to play it and I was privileged to hear it.  So as I smile and think to intertwine the two posts together, please take time to “Do Everything” to glorify Him.  It is the most important thing to do while experiencing the privilege of time.

So as I sign off let me thank you for giving me the privilege of your time as you pause to read this.  Blessings!!



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  1. Nicki,
    That is just beautiful! I write with tears in my eyes that you loved my Stella so much during VBS week. The fact that people love her for who she is means so much! "The privilege of having SMA" really struck me because it's exactly how I feel but have never said it in that way . . . we have been so blessed to have Stella and I would NOT want her any other way . . . we do feel it's a privilege and have learned to embrace the fact that SMA is part of her and we are so accepting of it! :) Even Treyton tells me he doesn't want her to walk if there is a cure because it would ruin her soft skin . . . he sees the beauty in SMA as well. Thank you so much for sharing this . . . you are a beautiful person and we are so thankful we chose to send her to your VBS. Hugs and love!!!