Friday, April 15, 2011

Five Minutes - On Distance

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On Distance:
I think it's perspective or maybe it's just a feeling.  I know that distance is a very real, measurable, right there in your face kind of thing, but sometimes it's just a feeling.
People can be in the same room and be in different worlds.  Others can be separated by oceans, thousands of miles, really, and seems like they're still standing face to face.  The greatest thing about today is that with all of our great technology we can be miles apart yet still be able to see each other and talk daily.
It's a very real thing, but I do feel it is can be a feeling.  I feel it when I'm two feet from my son asking for his help and he's so distracted that he doesn't even hear me.  I can also feel the connection to my favorite people with only simple words written and shared.  Ah, distance, so many things that it can be, but for me it's just a factor of life.

Unedited, I let it stand.  What about you?


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