Tuesday, April 12, 2011

OTG - 10

Wowsa, it's taken me a while to wrap my head around this 10th chapter.  I've finally had the chance to also see the video and all I can say is that this book has changed so much for me, and I'm not even done yet.  Ann's writing is real, solid, true and it cuts to the core of life and what happens everyday and me of the need to be thankful for every single detail.

Life is about perspective.  I've always known that, felt it, believed it and tried to see it that way.  I still had blinders on.  I still grew so frustrated while I was waiting to be filled by the things and people around me.  I wasn't keeping Christ centered.  The vertical view, where all that I'm doing is done FOR Him, to glorify Him, to acknowledge His wonder, beauty, power and awesomeness.

pg. 184 Grace is alive, living waters. If I dam up the grace, hold the blessings tight, joy within dies…water that has no life. …open the hand to receive all His shimmering river of gifts…

Empty to fill?  Yup!!  Wow!!  I don't need to depend on anything or anyone, anywhere.  I just need to focus on Him.  Praying with my hands cupped to catch His gifts and grace, eyes wide open to see the beauty around me.  He will provide everything I need.  Rest, strength, calm, direction, shelter...if I need it He knows it.  He knows exactly what I have going on, He is by my side every day in every way.  I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.  All of it.  I can serve Him every day by taking in the blessings He has given me and taking care of them.  The small details, the big details, the hard stuff, the easy stuff.  My life is in the details.  His love is in the details.  Break off and give, share, serve.  Nothing is mine to keep, it is mine to give.  He has given me gifts, so that I might give them on to others.

Like a river flowing deep and wide is the love of God.  Dam it up and it loses it's beauty and power, let it flow and pulse and there is always more from it began.  He loves me so that I might love you and so I do.  Unconditionally, endlessly and faithfully...


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