Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Wonder

On the "whys" of life sometimes.  I know that it's all under control and the Lord's plan is working out just as it's supposed to.  I just can't help but hear the why or why not questions roll around in my head.
I'm not talking about the whiny 'Why me?' questions, I'm thinking more why do things happen the way they do?
I started writing this about the same time the foundation was shaking in my grandparents' life.  My grandma Betty suffered a stroke Friday afternoon.  With God's grace she drove herself to the clinic for a check-up quite possibly in the midst of this event.  Since she was alone we don't really know the details, but what we do know is that what was wrong was recognized and they sent her to the hospital and called my grandpa Joe and he said to send her on to Rochester, so the life flight crew did their job.  It is the moments of life like those that I am rocked by the tragedies that life can bring us, but also amazed at the way that God works.
He truly does have the details under control.  I don't need to worry about what to do, when to do it, where to go.  He has me where He wants me, will direct me where I need to be.  I shall rest secure in the knowledge that He has under control, so I don't need to.
Part 2: I started this post on April 29. Adding to it over the rest of that weekend.  One week - yes, one week - later Betty was sent home from Rochester.  On one Friday she is a stroke victim that we have no idea what to expect with.  A week later she is home, doing great, a little humbled for the experience but no worse for the wear.  How awesome is our God??  He amazes me every day!!
Thanx for being amazing and supporting me too!!


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