Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lead Me

Yes, Lord, lead me.  I attended my first Women if Faith conference this weekend and am amazed at the love that filled that building.  7,000 women coming together to praise Him.  Coming together not just to learn new things but to be reminded of what we can have every day. 
I was blessed to be there with three fabulous ladies - Carma, Nancy and Nicole.  I take the time now to thank them for holding my hand through this, hugging me tight and laughing while the tears fell.  I dream of bringing more of my faith sisters with me next time, but for today I thank you, God, for giving me these three.  It was as simple as looking through the program Friday morning to see the names Selah and Angie Smith on the itinerary.  I was excited to see the other names listed, but I connected to these two names specifically and as the weekend went on and I was part of this amazing one time experience I was reminded (again, yes, sometimes it takes a while) that He knows what He is doing.  He holds me in His grasp leading me right where He wants me to go.
So, lead me, Lord.  As I stumble along in my steps of faith, leaving the footprints along my path, lead me.  It is all within my reach, all within my grasp, all because You love me, yes me.  I just need to ask to receive, remembering that through it all you have the plan anyway, always knowing what I need even before I do.
Proverbs 19:21 Many are the plans in a person's heart,
but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails.
Ah, I get it.  I found this verse early in the week, (possibly from Ann - Thanx!) I was not familiar with these words, though I should be.  This is one of the concepts that God has been teaching me over the last 12 years.  I might make plans but God's plans, purpose and quite seriously, His sense of humor prevail regardless of what I do.  It is something I walk away from this weekend taking great comfort in.  In knowing that He has got it covered.  I love when my wonderful husband can do that in the heart of the moment when I don't know what to do, so the comfort I have in knowing that God is doing that for me every moment of every day brings me an immeasurable peace.
I am so blessed, so very blessed.  AMEN
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