Friday, May 20, 2011

Take Five on Friday

Okay, Thanx to Gypsy Mama and Gitz, I'm inspired to take my Friday five and see where it goes.
Changing Seasons
It's a beautiful thing. I was reminded last weekend at WOF that much of our time is spent wanting. You know, when we have spring we want the warm days of summer and playing in the water.  When we have summer we want the cool crisp of fall when we run in t-shirts during the day and don sweatshirts in the evening. Then we're anxious for fall to be done because we look forward to the holidays and the fresh winter wonderlands. We once again tire of the cold and snow and beg for spring to thaw us out.
It is such madness! A madness I wouldn't trade for anything, I love the marching on through time. The way that we are reminded each year of planting and sowing, new life and death.
Oh, time's up.

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