Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Puzzle

My life is a beautiful puzzle! Puzzles fascinate me because you have all of these little pictures that when you put them together creates this fantastic portrait.  My life is like that.  I can look back through all of my days and each moment is this perfect little picture telling about what my life has been.  Connecting pictures together starts to show the portrait of a year or a story of a friendship, experience or even about who I am as a daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother.

I’ve spent much of the past week looking at my puzzle.  Someday I will write the story of me down, just to have it.  Today is not that day.  Today I want to write about some other pieces of my life that God has designed and cut out.  I attended my first Women of Faith conference this past weekend.  I have considered going for several years, but I don’t go to things like that alone, nor was I ready for such an experience in years past.  It was amazing!  Anyway, on to my puzzle.  As I reflect upon my weekend and in turn my life I realize that it is a beautiful portrait.  I’m amazed that I can look back and see exactly how God has lead me in every moment, even if I didn’t see it right then.

Just take the last three years.  I was introduced to Julie Wiemann and a BeautiControl SPA that my dear friend Glenda didn’t want to go to alone.  What neither of us realized that night is that it would be a night to forever alter my life, key piece of the puzzle here.  I only just realized how key of a piece it was recently.  I was pregnant with my duo and thought it would be great fun to have Julie come to my house to pamper me, and my friends.  About a year and a half later Julie gifted me an amazing opportunity to join her team.  Another invaluable section of my puzzle was started that day.  Julie has held my hand in sharing this wonderful experience with women (PS-I don’t do “girly”, so it is quite funny) and has become a faith-mama to me.  This experience isn’t about doing the SPAs and making money, those are the bonuses.  Joining the BC family has been one of the greatest blessings in my life!  I look back today and see faith, love, comfort, grace and peace dancing across the backgrounds of my pieces, these things weren’t there before.

Let me explain.  My puzzle pieces didn’t always fit together.  They didn’t necessarily even look nice together some days.  I have been attending church every week for at least six years, helping with VBS, nursery, sending my kiddos to the Christian School and attempting to do my part as much as I can.  I have felt like I was missing out on so much, I didn’t know what, I just felt kind of hollow some days.  Julie and BC came into my life and started filling up that hollowness.  I felt love whenever I walked through the door of Julie’s home.  I was around people that walked in faith and really showed me that you can let God take control.  I have met people that I don’t know how, if or when I would have met them otherwise.  I have stepped outside of my comfort zone to put these pieces together as God wants me to because with Him I can do anything.  The pieces that have been made in the last two years have not all been pretty.  My parents are divorcing and there is a lot of anger and drama broiling around us still making some of those dark and haunting pieces.  The beautiful part is that God has brought me all these amazing people and experiences that help me through this.  I have a best friend, Carma, I can call in an instant for support.  Julie, an amazing lady, that I know is also just a phone call away and will lift me up in prayer whenever I need it.

It is so much more than just these two women or even any of the others in my life.  It’s the guidance by God that has led me here.  He knows all my pieces He knows that it takes the dark ugly ones to make the bright and beautiful ones to stand out.  He knows that on some days these pieces don’t fit together but someday they will.  He guides me to that place of peace where I can spread all the pieces out and see what beauty there is in the puzzle of my life.  A puzzle that is missing pieces, looks like a jumbled mess with no direction but will some day come together all complete, only because He has designed it to be that way.  What more can I ask for?  I will keep taking these faithsteps along the path He is lighting before me.  That is the only place I need to be, He’ll take care of the details, He’ll open new doors, He’ll provide the shoulders I need to lean on and the hands I shall hold in prayer.  They’re all the pieces in my puzzle, He’ll provide it all, I just gotta keep watching, waiting and walking.  The footprints I leave behind are the pieces that show me where I’ve been, showing me the beauty in my puzzled life.


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