Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Did you know...

that life as you know it can change in a heartbeat?  It's a split moment in time that all the plans you had made or thought to make can be altered irretrievably.  Having a baby, getting a promotion, sickness, death.  Any number of things can happen without warning, without cause and it's up to us to move on and live with it.
The only things I can guarantee you about life is that it will change, and that you really have no control over it.  God has control.  He has plans for us.  He has created us, numbering our days and knowing what He wants for us to experience.  He gives us free will so that we might have these experiences and make the choices to live our lives.  He gives us each day and it's challenges so that we might grow and share in the glories of what He can do.
Looking back on what I have in my life so far I wouldn't change a thing.  The losses have been hard to bear and difficult to understand, but I don't need to bear them on my own, nor do I need to understand them today.  Someday the pieces will all fit together perfectly and when I'm in the glorious company of our Lord I won't question why my life was the way it was I will just know that it was perfect.
Why?  Well, why not?  Every moment as it is makes you who you are.  Your strength comes from your weaknesses past, your knowledge comes from what you learned, your wisdom comes from putting it all together.  Take your experiences and reach out to someone else that is where you were.  Your life changes every minute, every day... sometimes it's just more drastically than other times.
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