Friday, January 28, 2011


I share a Heavenletters post with you today...

God said:
If there were no attachment, there would not be suffering. If you could take even death of beloved ones in your stride, where would attachment live? Because of Human attachment, you think something terrible has happened when a loved one dies. You mourn the whole concept of death of the body, as if the existence of the body were everything. I know that death of the body is big for you. I know that suffering is big for you.
Attachment is not the same as love, beloveds. Love transcends attachment. Love does not possess. Attachment is attachment. You have thought to yourself many times: "I cannot live without this person." That is attachment, beloveds.
Attachment makes your loved ones some kind of property, like a treasured gold coin that is your lucky piece. How could you go on without it? Of course, the gold coin is only representative of your good fortune. It is like a placebo. And so it is with your beloveds. You think they are necessary to you. You think they are the cause of your happiness, and in death or in leaving in any manner, they are the cause of your unhappiness. You put too much at stake upon their existence.
Oh, yes, of course, your loved ones are important, and they are important to you. Their being important to you isn't exactly the same as your being dependent on them. Your dependence is a thought you have attached yourself to. It is like luggage you carry. You attached a leash to a suitcase. You attach a chain to a loved one, a golden chain but a chain nevertheless.
Your life is dependent upon you, and your life is dependent upon Me. It is not dependent upon anyone else.
Go ahead and love for all you are worth, and be not attached. Attachment says there is something you HAVE to have. It seems brutal to you to say that you don't have to have your mother or father or husband or wife or son or daughter, yet that is the case. Love is not bounded. Love is not a lasso. Love exists on another plane. Deep inside, you really know that. Deep inside, you know that love is more than worldly. Deep down, you know that love is much more than ownership.
Being connected to a loved one is not the same as being attached. Two souls meet, and if souls had eyes, I would say that their eyes lit up in recognition. The souls lit up in recognition of the blessing each would bestow upon the other. With love, there is no list of demands. Love exacts no requirements. Love does not become attached. Love lets go. Love removes all the cages from the heart of man and the heart of woman. Love removes cages.
The one you love is not to be put in a cage. Your love is to free him. And if your loved one flies away to another country or to another dimension, you give your loved one the gift of freedom. Free as a bird, your loved one flies away to his destiny. Bid him adieu.
You send your child off to school, and you blow kisses. And if your child should leave the planet Earth, then it is for you to blow kisses the same.
You can love without attachment, beloveds. When you are without attachment, you will not have losses. Life on Earth will not hit you over the head. You will not have blows in life. There will be goodbyes, but not blows. There will be love extending beyond all borders.

Keep these true, simple words with you as you go about your day.  Blow kisses, send hugz on wings and know that you are never alone and you will never be left behind.

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