Sunday, October 23, 2011

Capturing Companions

A short and sweet one here tonight.
Nothing like love between a boy (yes, he's in pink jammies) and his kitty!  I love when my animals curl up in my lap or lay on my back as I sprawl in bed.  Nothing was as cute as this though.  My animal companions are my best friends, the ones there for me through thick and thin.  The love an animal shows me is of the purest and truest love.  Similar to that love our father shows us.  DOG is GOD in reverse.  DOG, a man's best friend showing devotion and unconditional love just as GOD does.  A dog needs us to feed him, care for him and be his leader while God asks us to let Him feed us and care for us, leading us through all of our days.
I couldn't ask for more.  God is so great!!

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