Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Capturing Fall

A delightful time of year.  Piles of leaves heaped for jumping into.  Trips to fall festivals and pumpkin patches for hay rack rides and making family memories.  The scent of burning leaves drifts through the air and the lure of gathering around bonfires is strong.
Take a drive across the county or state and see the rainbow of fall colors.  Leaves in every shade of gold, orange, red and brown.  Walk the hiking trails listening to the crunch of leaves beneath your feet and keep watch for foraging animals such as deer.  Animals out and about preparing for the winter ahead.  From summer and a time of fun in the sun to fall and it's crisp days of warm afternoons and cool evenings.  A change of seasons, so enjoyable!
Fall brings with it the excitement of hunting.  Gathering as a group to track pheasant or deer and bring home meat for the freezer.  A time to leave behind the office or factory job and spend it on a bit of recreation that feeds the soul as well as the stomach. 
Ah, wonderful fall!


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