Sunday, October 23, 2011

Capturing Failure

It wasn't an epic failure, I was likely the only one that noticed it.
A failure to post as part of my 31 days series.  I've missed a few, I've participated most days but I know of at least three that I've missed.  A failure all the same.  Does that mean I should quit, give up and walk away?  Nah!  It means that I pick up where I left off and go forward anyway.
Here's what I did yesterday instead of taking time to write.  Laundry, clean-up, a batch of deer sticks, dishes, vacuum, laundry, painted a sunset on a billboard (partial picture above), cleaned up mess from the painting, picked up a 'new to us' TV from an uncle, dropped kids off at grandma's for the night, a meeting for the school bazaar, distribute flyers for said bazaar, back home, laundry, showered and dressed, supper out with DH, and off to the home of friends for cards, games, lots of laughter and plenty of memories.
So, no I didn't write, I failed at a chance to capture words but I guess, well, life happens.  I'm back today.  Feeling inspired enough to possibly post twice, depending on how the afternoon goes and that is enough for me!  To be here.
Try, try again.  I don't have to be perfect because God loves me in all my beautiful imperfection.  Falling down, getting up, skipping steps, forgetting to follow through, waking up late and whatever other flaws that might show their wear and tear today.  His grace is sufficient for me, even me.
 AMEN to that!

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