Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Capturing Connections

It only took me a month, but I did it!  I got the letter to my grandparents written.  Not a handwritten one, but an solid update on the seven of us including a few pictures.  So often these days we depend on technology for our connections, a quick phone call, drop a few lines into an email, a status update in facebook, a few words twittered and text talk.  When did you last write a letter or drop a 'just because' card into the mail for a friend.  Even Christmas greetings are generally reduced to a mass printed picture postcard and form letter.
Take time to capture connections today.  That's where the real memories come from.  It's those letters you can pull out years later and reread, reflecting on days gone by.  Take time to go on walks with your husband, child or friend.  Go out for lunch having laughter for dessert.  Get away for a weekend of connection, a fay or two to reconnect with someone special.  We all need these soul deep, heart strong bonds.
The most important connection like that to make is the one with Our Father.  Taking time to read His words in the Bible, praying and talking to Him as a regular part of your day.  Connecting with Him so that you can hear His words, feel His love as He walks with you and see the light He is shining upon your path.
Go, capture those precious connections!
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