Friday, October 28, 2011

Takin' Five on Friday - Relevant

Just as Gypsy Mama requests, I am here.


What is relevant?  It's a big word that I don't use very much in my little world of children, chaos and family issues.  I don't have time for big words that I have to explain.  I don't have time for a phone that doesn't want to upload blog posts for the last two days.  They were good, even if I must say so only myself.  Maybe eventually they'll load, maybe not.  It is the 28th of October so I've been here attempting to capture words for 28 days and have been surprisingly successful.  There have been failures and glitches leaving me with days and words unspoken and uncaptured.  Grammar check that!
Anyway, what is relevant?  Does this matter right here, right now?  Yeah, I guess these short quick sentences capture my day, maybe even my week and give me something.  Something to look back on someday when I wonder what in the world I was doing, thinking and being 'at that time'.

It's all relevant, really.


Have a blessedly beautiful weekend!!

Deo Volente

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